January 7, 2022
Cute photo of puppy in mailbox

Moving? Update Your Address!

Sometimes moving requires orchestrating a 100 piece band with no formal training as a conductor! From listing and selling your home to finalizing the closing documents – somewhere in-between packing and then moving comes into play. One critical item to […]
December 13, 2021
photo of adorable dog sitting by fence

Pets Rule Real Estate

A Happy Tail: Pets and the Homebuying Process Some Highlights It’s no secret that we love our furry friends – about 70% of U.S. households have pets. What may come as a surprise is how large a role they play in the homebuying process. […]
December 8, 2021
moving boxes with guy sitting on floor with laptop computer

Moving While Getting a Business Off the Ground

Moving While Getting a Business Off the Ground. Guest Author:  Eva Benoit Moving while getting a business off of the ground is challenging but still doable. If your current home isn’t sufficient for your new home-based business and you want […]
January 27, 2021
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Cincinnati Cost of Living

Moving into or out of Cincinnati and want to know how the areas compare for the cost of living? Well, good news nerdwallet has a simple to use the cost of living calculator which requires very little information from the […]
December 13, 2020

Essential Things to Do After Moving to West Chester

Photo via Burst Guest Post:  Alice Robertson Essential Things to Do After Moving to West Chester Moving to West Chester? Getting settled in here is easier than you may think. Once you’re all set up in your new home, get […]
May 28, 2019
home prep steps before you move

Preparing A Home To Move

Preparing a Home to Move If you’re like most Americans, moving is a daunting prospect. Even if you remove the process of home buying itself, the idea of packing up everything you own and sending it to an unfamiliar house […]
December 28, 2018
the best 8 packing tips

8 Must Know Packing Tips For Your Home

The best 8 must know packing tips for moving your home. Are you planning to move to a new home? You have built or rented a new home, bought boxes and tapes, and rented a truck, the only thing remaining […]
April 24, 2018

How to Find Short-Term Rentals in Cincinnati

How to Find Short-Term Rentals in Cincinnati.  It can be difficult to find short-term rentals in Cincinnati compared to finding a long-term apartment lease or vacation rental. Whether you’re making a local move, relocating to Cincinnati for a new job, are […]
January 22, 2018

Ohio On The Move

Ohio residents are moving out-of-state in 2017. Many people track the migration of birds and animals but for decades Atlas has tracked moving migration patterns. According to the latest survey by Atlas Van Lines, Americans are on the move.  And Ohio […]