Ohioans on the Move

Ohioans on the Move

North American Moving Van on the road
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Many people track the migration of birds and animals but for decades Atlas Van Lines has tracked moving migration patterns.

Map of outline of states color coded for moving activity

Source: Atlas Van Lines

Guest Author:  Amber McKnight
To kick off 2022, North American Van Lines has released their 2022 Migration Report, which covers the state-to-state relocation of millions of Americans. The “migration patterns” provide insight into Americans looking for the location that best suits their needs, whether they be financial, educational, or occupational.
To put in perspective,  the latest estimates from the U.S. Census Bureau’s Current Population Survey27.3 million Americans (8.6% of the population) moved in 2022, which is roughly 4% more than moved in 2021.

As of November 2022, there was an average population of 11,756,058 in Ohio.

And if you’re thinking about relocating your business or family the report also details the top ten inbound and outbound destinations.

list of top 10 inbound and outbound states for moves in 2022

Source: Atlas Van Lines

Migration Map Introduction

Migration Maps are a map of the world’s population that visually displays migration patterns over time. It uses different colors and symbols to indicate how many people live in each country today. The size of the marker on the map represents how many people are currently living there.

Why The Consumer Should Be Interested In The Migration Map Data

The Migration Map data gives people living in the United States a new perspective on the world. Instead of just focusing on what’s happening in your country, it allows you to see how that differs from the rest of the globe. It allows the person living in America to see the world and how we are not the only ones doing well. It also shows you how other parts of the world struggle to develop. The migration data gives perspective to what Americans may take for granted, like clean water and land. By looking at this data as a whole, people may be more willing to support a charity or help out in any way they can. The Migration Map could help someone decide what country they would like to travel to if they have never been there. It could provide insight into their government, economy, and culture from an outsider’s point of view.

Purpose Of The Migration Map

The Migration Map aims to show human migration patterns across the world visually. The map shows which countries have more people or fewer people and constantly growing or decreasing populations. It also shows whether a country has few or many immigrants moving in or out of the country over time.

The Migration Map is largely an economic indicator. Many people are intrigued by the increased number of immigrants and emigrants, so let’s start there. Showing this data as a map is a better way to understand migration than just words and numbers. It is also an interesting insight into where people choose to live and why.

About the Author:  Amber McKnight handles public relations for North American Van Lines, one of the largest relocation companies in the moving industry.