Real Estate

June 1, 2015

Take Time to Get a Mortgage Preapproval Before Buying a Home

Not taking time to get a  mortgage preapproved before buying a home in today’s real estate market is similar to running an obstacle course….with your eyes shut! That’s why potential buyers need to plan ahead and map and out a […]
May 9, 2015
10 years of cincinnati real estate

Greater Cincinnati’s Real Estate Peaks and Valleys

Over the years the peaks and valleys in the greater Cincinnati real estate market continues to confuse and amaze both buyers, sellers….and agents. The peaks back in 2005 when too many buyers were given mortgages they couldn’t really afford to […]
April 22, 2015
MLS March Numbers

March Home Sales According to the Cincinnati Area Board of Realtors

In the latest news release covering March homes sales just released by the Cincinnati Area Board of Realtors was headlined with “March Home Sales came in like a Lion….And Stayed, Climbing Double Digits”. Greater Cincinnati home sales rose 12.40% compared to […]
April 21, 2015
Cincinnati Zip Codes

Greater Cincinnati Real Estate Activity

Greater Cincinnati real estate activity is churning lots of spring time sales. HomeSearch Checking out activity in various zip codes in and around greater Cincinnati shows median sales prices rising in several zips.  However, areas with tthe most affordable condos are […]
April 20, 2015
cincinnati real estate

The Price Is Right!

I’ve said it before and now I’m repeating myself-for eons that many consumers have been brain washed into believing the 3 key words in real estate are location, location, location! Conventional wisdom stated that if you purchased a home in […]
April 13, 2015
Real Estate Home Imporvements

Set It Forget It: Home Improvements With Long-Term Benefits

When you bought your first home, you were so excited about the milestone of owning a home that you barely stopped to consider the massive responsibility you were taking on. No more calling building maintenance or your landlord when something […]
March 31, 2015
Real Estate

Contemporary Homes in Cincinnati

  Nobody would ever suggest that that it’s easy to find contemporary homes in Cincinnati! Most of our homes fall into the category of traditional.  Over the years, the interiors of the Cincinnati 2 X 4’s  (4 bedrooms, 2.5 baths, […]
February 17, 2015
Cincinnati 24 Hour Market Watch

Weathering Cincinnati’s Real Estate Market

The day or so has been somewhat challenging- snow, ice and frigid temps.  However the numbers popping up in the Cincinnati MLS indicates buyers, sellers and agents are all weathering Cincinnati’s real estate market. The 24 Hour Market watch located on […]
February 6, 2015
2015 Housing

Outlook for 2015 Housing Market

The National Association of Realtors released an infographic detailing the 2015 national housing market.  But real estate is local and greater Cincinnati is still suffering from a severe shortfall in the number of homes and condos for sale.  And while […]