Best Remodeling Projects for 2017 in Cincinnati

Lots of different projects reported in latest edition of Remodeling Magazine’s Cost  vs. Value Report.

Remodeling Magazine cover


A quick look at the 2017 report for greater Cincinnati highlights what’s the most cost effective and what’s not in midrange price homes: 

  1. Manufactured Stone Veneer 
    Job Cost: $7,876
    Resale Value: $6,325
  2. Entry Door Replacement (Fiberglass)
    Job Cost: $3,251
    Resale Value: $2,596
  3.  Attic Insulation (Fiberglass)
    Job Cost: $1,384
    Resale Value: $1,011
  4.  Major Kitchen Remodel
    Job Cost: $61,976
    Resale Value: $44,933
  5.  Roofing Replacement 
    Job Cost: $20,432
    Resale Value: $14,769

And the remodeling project with the lowest return

  1. Backup Power Generator
    Job Cost: $12,720
    Resale Value: $6,114

According to Remodeling some trends have not changed. Curb appeal projects with changes to doors, windows and siding garnered a higher ROI than work done inside the home. Replacement projects, like doors or windows, scored higher among real estate pros than did remodels.

If you don’t have lots of money to spend, probably the most cost effective fixes- declutter, a fresh coat of paint and, if needed- new carpet or carpet cleaning.