3 Tips To Sell Your Home in Winter

3 Tips To Sell Your Home in Winter

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3 tips to sell your home in winter.old fashioned camera

Nothing to complicated-just some basics to remember.  Most home owners know to keep driveways and walkways shoveled during snowy weather and make sure to accommodate showing requests. Here are 3 important tips to make sure your home sells quickly during the winter months:

  1. New exterior and (maybe) interior photos.  Green grass and bushes are a dead giveaway on when the property was listed.  And take a close look at interior shots too.  New winter exterior photos don’t mix well interior photos showing green grass and blooming flowers outside the windows.  
  2. Vacant property- keep the heat on at least 65 degrees.  Potential buyers do not like freezing while looking at properties and unless you have remote access to the thermostat to adjust daily-please leave it set no lower than 65 degrees.
  3. Is it time to lower the price?  Get an up-to-date market analysis from your agent and be realistic about price point.  Been on the market for a long time-it’s the “price”.  As more properties hit the market the older and staler long term listings look to potential buyers.  If you have done everything to make your home or condo appealing to buyers and it hasn’t sold-it’s the price.  


The slight jump in mortgage interest rates and lack of homes and condos for sale should make this a great time for “priced right” listings.  Make sure your property is making a good impression with photos, comfort and pricing to attract the next buyer.