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November 21, 2021
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6 Steps to Buying a House When You’re In Debt

6 Steps to Buying a House When You’re In Debt Guest Author:  Alice Robertson You’re saddled with debt. You’re paying off student loans, medical bills, credit cards, and who knows what else. Your credit history isn’t exactly stellar. There’s no […]
November 18, 2021
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Upgrades That Increase Home Value

Upgrades That Increase Home Value Guest Author:  Jasmine Anderson Selling a house can be a great way to start a new chapter in your life, but only if you manage it to increase its sales value. As you put your […]
November 5, 2021

Chimney and Fireplace Safety

As the temperatures drop it’s a good time to remember the importance of fireplace and chimney safety. Before you toast more than your toes this year- remember fireplaces/chimneys require yearly maintenance! 7 tips to follow before you fire up the […]
November 3, 2021
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12 Essential Strategies for Running Your Small Business

12 Essential Strategies for Running Your Small Business Guest Author:  Carleen Moore If you’re a small business owner, you know that learning never stops. Every day, you’re coming up with new ideas for products and programs, and you’re always trying […]
October 31, 2021
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Knowledge Is Power

Knowledge Is Power When It Comes to Appraisals and Inspections Buyers in today’s market often have questions about the importance of getting a home appraisal and an inspection. That’s because high buyer demand and low housing supply are driving intense competition and […]
October 5, 2021

It’s Time for Fall Maintenance

Cooler weather is coming to Greater Cincinnati! A lot of seasonal chores were forgotten during COVID.  High on the list is HVAC servicing- because who wanted some random service person wandering around their bubble?  But the rubber has hit the […]
September 29, 2021
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It’s Still a Seller’s Market

It’s Still a Sellers’ Market Some Highlights Due to low supply and high demand, today is one of the strongest sellers’ markets we’ve seen. Sellers can benefit from more offers to pick from, higher home values, and a faster sales process. That might be why 73% of people […]
September 20, 2021
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Is the Number of Homes for Sale Finally Growing

Is the Number of Homes for Sale Finally Growing? Article from Keeping Current Matters An important metric in today’s residential real estate market is the number of homes available for sale. The shortage of available housing inventory is the major reason for the […]
September 15, 2021
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Questions to Ask About Homeowners Insurance

Recently our insurance agent emailed us questioning us if we needed to update and/or expand policies.  Good question since most of insure and then forget..until we need to file a claim. So a few questions, in addition to deductibles to […]