5 Stuck-At-Home Improvement Projects

5 Stuck-At-Home Improvement Projects

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5 stuck-at-home projects to improve your property.

Lots of homeowners are taking on projects around the house during the “shelter-in-place”. It’s a great time to work on quick, inexpensive ways to increase home values.

In the ever-changing Cincinnati market, these simple additions and upgrades are crucial when adding value to your home. Here are 5 simple yet effective ways to achieve this:

  1. Low-cost landscaping. One of the most forgotten aspects of home value is curb appeal. Catching any potential buyer’s eye from the outside is the first step to selling your home.  Making the outside of your home pop is extremely valuable. Small, low-maintenance plants and shrubbery are the way to make any house look more appealing. Select greenery native to the Cincinnati area —they require little attention, are cost-effective, and add tremendous value to the exterior of the home.
  1. Insulate. Adding insulation lowers utility bills and improves living conditions.  Upgrading to programmable thermostats attracts tech-savvy buyers. Insulating included caulking around windows and doors.
  1. Bathroom updates. Updating a bathroom doesn’t always require gutting and a complete redo.   Simple changes such as painting or updating old lighting fixtures work wonders.  Handy enough to change outdated faucets?  Potential buyers like walking into an updated look.  And while you’re working on hardware don’t forget to update window treatments and shower curtains.
  1. Updated Appliances.  A complete overhaul of appliances is expensive!  But choosing one or two things to update at a time will yield large returns in appearance and quality of life in the kitchen. A new fridge or gas cooktop is a great place to start.  Take a few minutes to thoroughly clean and polish the remaining appliances.  Touch up any chipped paint.  
  1. Paint.  The best and most cost-effective improvement project is a fresh coat of paint.  Freshly painted walls (and woodwork) can make a home look like new. 


Take advantage of down or “I’m bored” time to spruce up your property while you’re stuck at home.