Efficient Cleaning Tools

Efficient Cleaning Tools

Efficient Cleaning

The holidays are winding down but the messy cleanup remains.  Here are some efficient cleaning tools to consider:

Equipment and Tech to Help You Efficiently Clean Your Home

Analysts forecast the world residential robotic vacuum cleaner market to grow at a CAGR (compound annual growth rate) of 15.23% during the period 2017-2021. Technology is nothing new in our homes. With inventions of powered cleaning machines such as robotic vacuum cleaners and dishwashers, you can easily clean your home without lifting a finger. From your beautiful bedroom to your well-designed kitchen and living room, these powered machines can do the cleaning half the time. There are many types of cleaning equipment and different tech available.

However, here are three must-have cleaning gadgets that will help you keep your house cleaner with minimal effort:

Energy-Efficient Dish Washers 

For many people, washing dishes is often a challenge. However, with the invention of modern and energy-efficient kitchen appliances like the latest dishwashers, washing dishes has been made easier and improved cleanliness in the kitchen. For instance, most people don’t wash their dishes with warm water, meaning that sterilization can’t be achieved by simple hand washing. With a good dishwasher, you can keep your utensils clean and relatively sterile. In addition to that, the newest dishwashers use less water, less energy and pump less carbon dioxide into the atmosphere when compared to conventional cleaning. This contributes to sustainability efforts. 

Robo-Vacuum Cleaners

With the invention of robotic vacuum cleaners, homeowners can now save more time and energy that would otherwise be wasted cleaning the house. Robotic vacuum cleaners are small in size, usually disc-shaped appliances that assist in cleaning your home. They are affordable and readily available, with the prices plummeting as the technology continues to advance. These cleaners come with wide range of benefits such as no manual operation needed (making it suitable for people with disabilities), automatic adjustment based on the type of surface being cleaned, automatic cleaning settings, hands-off operation even when you’re away from home, and self-charging capabilities among many other benefits.

The Winbot

Manual window cleaning can be inconvenient as well as risky. Robotic window cleaners usually stick to windows using motor-powered suction. Once stuck, the Winbot automatically moves across the windows, from edge to edge, cleaning the window in the process. It allows you to clean high, out of reach windows which are difficult to access. In this case, robotic window cleaners make it easy to clean windows both indoors and outdoors. In addition to that, once the robotic window cleaner completes its task, it sends an alert to notify you.

As home cleaning technology continues to grow, we can expect that more homeowners will be investing in the latest innovations to make their work around the house easier. Buyers will also be looking out for such additions to make homeownership for them more convenient. By investing in the latest cleaning tech, it gets even much easier to sell your home as more buyers are attracted to properties with smart technology.