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Bedroom Design

filed under: Real Estate Tips and Trends posted on December 19th, 2018

designing bedroom

Photo by Mary Whitney from Pexels

Spending a few rehab dollars on buying the right bed is priceless.   Adding a few dollars to updating the master suite can help speed up a sale.

By:  Jennifer Goole

Why is a Well Designed Bedroom Important for Sleep Quality?

Remodeling of homes is expected to reach the $340 billion mark by the end of this year, with CNBC reporting that the average payback in a home’s resale value is 56% of the cost of a remodel though you can always increase your payback by opting for middle-of-the range refurbishments rather than luxury ones. Experts point out that is definitely a good time to invest in remodeling, owing to “steady gains in the broader economy and in home sales and prices.” If you are wishing to sell your home and you are wondering if a bedroom renovation is worth your while, take note of the following advantages of making this space a priority.

Bedroom Design and Sleep

The National Sleep Foundation and the CDC are increasingly warning us about the dangers of poor quality sleep. Research shows that six in 10 Americans are sleep deprived, which increases their risk of heart disease, obesity, and Type 2 diabetes. Thanks to greater public awareness and research published by the National Sleep Foundation, home buyers are more knowledgeable about the importance of well-designed, well-located bedrooms. For instance, it is well known that in order to promote sleep in accordance with the body’s circadian rhythms, darkness is key – this can easily be achieved with hardly any cost through the use of blackout curtains. Silence is also key for quality sleep, making soundproofing a popular option for those seeking to sleep throughout the night.

How can a Renovated Room Promote Better Sleep?

As mentioned above, sleep quantity and quality are two separate things. According to the National Sleep Foundation, good sleep quality involves sleeping within half an hour of getting into bed, waking up no more than once after falling asleep and being awake for no longer than 20 minutes in total after initially falling asleep. Sleep quality essentially involves making your way through all sleep cycles – including the most restorative phase of sleep, called deep sleep. If you wake up in the morning and don’t feel energized despite sleeping for eight hours, chances are, something is wrong with your sleep quality. Ask yourself if your mattress is the right firmness for your sleeping position. Make a good mattress a priority, ensuring it supports all your pressure points evenly so you aren’t tossing and turning at night. You should also aim to eliminate gadgets and televisions from your bedroom. These keep you alert at a time in which you should be relaxing.

How Much will a Bedroom Renovation Cost You?

A bedroom remodel can be very costly (for instance, if you are building an extension to a Master Suite) or more affordable if you are changing one or two features such as the flooring or furniture. Soundproofing, which is arguably one of the most important renovations you can undertake to guarantee better sleep, costs a little over $2,000. When deciding which renovations you wish to carry out, ask yourself whether your aim is to increase your home’s resale value, or simply improve the quality of your sleep until your home is sold.

It’s a good time to renovate your home, with experts noting that steady gains in the broader economy and rises in home prices allowing for the costs of home improvements. Renovations that can result in a bigger payback include entry door replacements, deck additions, and minor kitchen remodels, but bedroom renovations are an investment of a different kind. They are an investment in your health and happiness, so don’t wait too long to create a rest space that is conducive to a full night’s rest.


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