How to Find Short-Term Rentals in Cincinnati

How to Find Short-Term Rentals in Cincinnati.  It can be difficult to find short-term rentals in Cincinnati compared to finding a long-term apartment lease or vacation rental.

Whether you’re making a local move, relocating to Cincinnati for a new job, are in town on a temporary work assignment, or are just on a prolonged trip to the city, if you’re staying for longer than a few days it can put you in an awkward middle ground.

When you’re staying too long to make a hotel viable and too short to find a 12 or even 6-month lease, here are some tips on how to find good short-term rental accommodations in Cincinnati.

Corporate Housing

If you are relocating for a new job or a temporary work assignment, you can always get corporate housing. There are companies that provide houses, condos or apartments to rent for short-term periods of months at a time specifically for people in these circumstances. They will come fully furnished for people who either won’t be staying long enough to want to buy their own furniture or who will want to find a long-term solution while they get settled.

To find corporate housing in the area you want, you can try asking your company for help if they are relocating or temporarily assigning you to their Cincinnati location. They might have an existing relationship with a broker or brokerage company that specializes in corporate housing. If you were newly hired, you can also ask the new company if they are large enough that they would have dealt with relocating employees.

Alternatively, you can try searching for “short-term corporate housing”, “corporate housing broker “, or some variations of the two in Cincinnati. Look for companies with high review scores and good reviews within the last month or two.

Short-Term Rental Companies                               

There are dozens of companies that offer or will help you find short-term rentals. Airbnb, one of the best-known websites to help people find accommodations for vacations, can also help you find short-term rentals and leases. You might even be able to get renter’s insurance depending on the company and the unit.

The advantage of AirBnB and companies like it — FlipKey, Overnight, and Wimdu — is that like corporate housing they come with fully furnished apartments, condos, and maybe even homes that you can use for an amount of time that is convenient to you as a short-term rental. Alternatively, you can use other websites and services that offer vacation housing as a good way of finding accommodation that is furnished and cheaper to use than hotels.


Finally, you can always try subletting. It is not necessarily as flexible as the options listed above but might be more affordable or realistic for you. Subletting is where you take over someone else’s lease, as they want to get out of it without paying any penalties, likely because they too have to move away. You agree to take over their lease with the same conditions, such as the monthly rent, utilities, terms and restrictions in the lease agreement, and the end of lease date.

Or if you’re looking to save some money, look for someone who already has a lease for a larger condo or apartment that might be willing to rent out one of the rooms to you. They also might be moving away on a prolonged trip or work assignment, and want to get someone to live there while they’re gone to make some money. In either case, you will have to negotiate the rent you pay, any contributions to utilities, and how long the sublet will last.

The downside of subletting is that you might be tied to the apartment or condo for a finite period of time, and you likely will not have a fully furnished unit to use. Still, if that’s all you can find or if it still works for your circumstances, the best place to find subletting situations is on sites like Kijiji or Craigslist. You can either search for posted ads or post one yourself that people who are looking to sublet can see and respond to.

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