Ohio On The Move

Ohio residents are moving out-of-state in 2017.

Many people track the migration of birds and animals but for decades Atlas has tracked moving migration patterns. According to the latest survey by Atlas Van Lines, Americans are on the move.  And Ohio is one of several states with “medium outbound” traffic compared to states like Tennesse, Nevada, Idaho and Washington State with a high number of people moving into their states.

In 2017, 1821 inbound moves were recorded versus 2262 outbound moves.  2016 had slightly more inbound moves with 1931 recorded but also higher outbound moves with 2401. 

What do migration patterns mean the average buyer or seller in Ohio?

More people moving into Ohio obviously helps sellers.  But more data is needed to identify where people are moving and what price range homes are the most attractive.  Waving the potential of “relocation buyers” in front of sellers isn’t what it was 10 years ago.  The greater Cincinnati area is currently experiencing some bumps as employers like P&G, GE and Macy’s are reevaluating company structures and locations.

Ohio on the move should be considered as one of the factors when pricing or buying a property.  Need help with real estate or finding an agent in another state- click here: Help Needed

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