Why Are People Moving Out of Ohio?

The latest study from United Atlas Van Lines shows people are moving out of Ohio.  According to the study Ohio is the 8th most moved of state in the entire country.  58.87% are moving to find a better job someplace else.   19% move for retirement reasons , 16% move for family reasons and 10% move because they don’t feel Ohio matches their lifestyles.

Adding insult to injury a recent Wall Street Journal study also named Ohio one of the worst states to live in citing high unemployment and poverty rates and low life expectancy rate.  

But Ohio isn’t alone -sitting at #8 in a list of 10 states with high outbound movement. Why are people moving out of Ohio

South Dakota’s popularity stems from employment opportunities for 60% of the people moving into the state.

Real estate is local and while many parts of Ohio are having different degrees of unemployment and poverty but Cincinnati has not been tied to one industry or employer so we seem to float through rougher times.  Surveys come and go but “home is home” in greater Cincinnati.