Market Update for Greater Cincinnati Real Estate

The federal government may have shut down but the local Cincinnati real estate market is still open for business!

Crossing Into Cincinnati
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Cincinnati is open for business and if the traffic on the Brent Spence Bridge is any indication of activity…everybody is heading into our area.  I won’t discuss the traffic congestion or poor road conditions -but really anybody driving north on I-75 must be stunned by the change in the freeway as they head into greater Cincinnati.

According to the Multiple Listing Service of Greater Cincinnati potential buyers have 9071 single family homes and 1358 condos available -200 fewer single family homes and a few more condos than reported 2 weeks ago. Compared to the last zip code report the local Cincinnati real estate market prices are taking a hit in across our marketplace:

Greater Cincinnati Real Estate ZipCode Update 100113

Overall the median list prices increased or remained the same -a reflection of a stable local housing market.  So far the “shutdown” has not impacted processing mortgages but some buyers may be delayed if they are requesting up-to-date tax return information from the IRS.

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