2023 Merry Christmas Cincinnati

2023 Merry Christmas Cincinnati

Krohn Conservatory December 2023
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Remember not all the gifts for Christmas or whatever holiday you may be celebrating will be gift-wrapped!

Krohn Conservatory December 2023
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It can be overwhelming trying to purchase, pack, and enjoy the holiday season. And while I (we) stress over what to buy for this person or coworker….it’s time to take a breath and remember the little “gifts” that surround us every day.

  • Ignoring the electronic device in your hand
  • Touching base with friends and neighbors
  • A smile
  • A hug
  • A thank you
  • A ride
  • A helping hand to somebody trying to carry too much through a busy mall or parking lot
  • Little kids giggling in the store
  • Cards with pictures of people we know and love
  • Short lines at the grocery store
  • Safe roads for traveling to family and friends
  • A parking space within 200 yards of the mall
  • A simple dinner with loved ones
  • Good health

Whatever holidays you may be celebrating may all your wishes come true!