Single-Family Home Sales in Your School District

Single-Family Home Sales in Your School District

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Single-family home sales from January through May for 2022 and 2023.

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Comparing single-family home sales in a variety of school districts across Cincinnati to the same timeframe last year.

House hunting by a school district is relatively common within the greater Cincinnati real estate market.  Remember many school districts cross over from one Multiple Listing area to another. For example, the Princeton School District covers Sharonville, Springdale, Evendale, Glendale, and areas of West Chester.

Buyers often assume that all properties within certain neighborhoods are located in the same school district- but most school districts wrap around several communities.

If the school district is your primary concern, make sure you and your agent search by the school district, not suburb codes.


The table below compares single-family home sales from 01/01/23-05/31/23 versus the same timeframe in 2022.  Data on single-family homes were pulled from the CincyMLS.

School District2022
# Sold
Average Sale Price2023
# Sold
Average Sale Price
Cincinnati Public1837$313,5271140$291,426
Forest Hills246$389,654157$454,654
Oak Hills280$265,829186$261,893

2022 versus 2023 reflects fewer homes for sale and slightly higher interest rates.  But across the board, the average sale price is still going up.  It’s difficult for some buyers to make a move.  Potential sellers afraid of having their property sold out from under them need to discuss strategies with their agents.  

Every area and associated school district is unique.  Your Realtor® can provide a list of sale price ratios and absorption rates.