How Would You Like a 2,000 Year+ Home Warranty?

How Would You Like a 2,000 Year+ Home Warranty?

Photo of the Pyramids of Giza
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Have you ever considered extending your home warranty?

Photo of the Great Pyramid of Giza

Recently we took advantage of an opportunity to travel to parts of Egypt and Jordan.  It was a trip planned about 12 years ago and canceled because of problems in the region.

Nothing stopped this expedition and while the sights are unbelievable and the people and culture most interesting- it’s the 2,600 BC Great Pyramid at Giza that stops tourists in their tracks.

As real estate goes-the pyramids are priceless.

The idea that construction can last thousands of years is mind-boggling when you consider the life span of modern building standards.  Just think what it would cost in today’s dollars to purchase a home warranty on the pyramids?