Six Common Problems with Chimney Leakage You Need to Know!

Six Common Problems with Chimney Leakage You Need to Know!

photo of top of chimney
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Six Common Problems with Chimney Leakage You Need to Know!

photo of top of chimney

Guest Author:  Alba Flores

Moisture is your worst enemy when it comes to damaging the materials that make up your lovely home.   Chimney leaks could be one of the leading causes of minor or substantial property damage. If you notice a leak in your chimney, you should contact a professional for chimney leak repair or installation services. Otherwise, you are likely to be dealing with the following severe concerns!

Damage to walls

When water seeps into your home through cracks in the chimney, it quickly makes its way into the drywall. Leaks in a building might not seem like a big deal at first, but the damage they cause to the walls becomes obvious over time. Damage to wall coverings, such as paneling, paint, sheetrock, plaster, drywall, etc., can result from exposure to moisture. Some people may notice that the coatings are deteriorating. At the same time, others see that they are bursting and chipping away. Rot can cause large sections of paneling or drywall to fall off the wall.

Many homeowners complain about these issues. It’s best to pay attention to the early warning signs of moisture damage to your chimneys. People looking for regular chimney inspection services can save themselves from spending a lot on its repair. This is because professionals can detect the warning signs of chimney leaks on time. As a result, you can get the issue fixed by them on time.

White staining-

It is common to observe white staining on the bricks after leaks. The staining usually occurs when moisture penetrates the inside of the bricks due to softening of the hard outer shell. This can draw the salts to the surface. Though this staining problem may be a cosmetic issue, it could be the first sign that your masonry is absorbing water. This could even lead to brick-and-mortar deterioration. So, if you observe white stains on your chimney, look no further than the professionals near your place offering chimney repair services.

Potentially dangerous mold-

Moisture is the best friend of mold. It can offer a perfect environment for mold to thrive. If the leak allows moisture to enter the porous surface, such as wood, it can trigger mold growth. You can find the appearance of mold unattractive on your property. Not only does it negatively affect the appearance of your home, but it also affects your health. If you have someone at your home who has asthma, emphysema, or any other health issues, mold growth can be harmful to their health.

Rotting wood-

The buildup of excess moisture in the wood can lead to rot. Not only can the leaks lead to wood rot, but they also cause severe structural damage to your home. And it becomes unsafe to live inside your home. Moreover, rotted wood can be a haven for a variety of pests (termites, ants, rats, and so on).

It is easy to replace a partially rotted beam. But if the moisture has severely damaged the wood and caused rotting, you may need to call professionals for chimney repair services. Though repair could be expensive, you need to get the issue fixed. Because if you leave it unattended, it can cause further damage to your chimney or other property structures. Hence, it’s best to call experts to repair it.

More damage than you can observe-

When you suspect a chimney leak, what is the first sign you look for? Many homeowners detect leaks when they see a wet spot on their ceiling near the fireplace. People frequently disregard it if the spot looks to be smaller in size. They ignore it, assuming that repairs will take weeks or months. This, however, should not be the case. If water gets to the ceiling and forms a puddle, it will soak the materials above it. It has the potential to destroy many more property structures, including insulation and timber beams on your floor or ceiling. It depicts that there may be more damage to your home than you can see due to leaking chimneys. As a result, calling experts for Chimney installation service in NJ may be the only option.

Smelly chimney-

Though a chimney can be smelly at any time of year, it is more common in the spring and summer. This is due to creosote buildup during this time. Furthermore, moisture from a leaking chimney can encourage mold and mildew growth. As a result, the area around the fireplace begins to smell. A bad odor might also attract mice and rats. Regular chimney cleaning services might assist you in keeping an eye on these difficulties. This service can resolve the stinking chimney issue. Depending on the extent of the damage caused by leaks to your chimney or other property structure, you may require extra repairs from experts.

You have gained first-hand knowledge of the devastation that can result from a chimney with cracks and leaks. It is easy to see why a concerned homeowner might seek out chimney leak repair services. If you are living across NJ, you can consider calling Proline! It’s the region’s well-reputed and trusted chimney repair service provider.

You can take extra precautions by scheduling annual or biannual inspections with professional chimney contractors.

About the Authur:  Alba Flores, has been writing on various topics for the last 10 years. So far, I’ve authored countless pieces for various businesses. My competence includes blog or article writing, press releases, and Wikipedia pages. I enjoy writing about construction services such as roofing, siding, chimneys, and other home improvement services provided by well-known companies throughout New York.