The 2023 Spring Real Estate Market is Happening Now!

The 2023 Spring Real Estate Market is Happening Now!

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Raise your hand if you still believe the spring housing market begins around the end of March or early April?

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As the holiday season drifts off potential buyers are thinking about changing their housing arrangements.  Many buyers and sellers are thinking of moving this year.  If you are waiting for a better time to buy or sell- think again.

Sellers putting their house on the market now- want to sell.  They’re not testing the market and hoping for a huge profit windfall.  Most likely the property is priced correctly.  Buyers are also motivated.  The timing is great -hopefully beating the buyer rush where you don’t have time to make decisions.


The old wive’s tail of moving in the summer so kids can stay in their school.  That changed 180 degrees years ago when parents figured out that moving during the school year has an advantage.  Kids adjust and don’t have to wait to make new friends and be the new kid when the next year begins.

Take a look at the last 2 years.  The number of sold/closed properties is pretty impressive.

Chart of Closing in 2021 vs 2022

Bottom Line

If you’re considering a move this year talk to your Realtor® now.  The spring market has begun and savvy buyers and sellers will be part of the closings.