Every Homeowner Needs to Know These 5 Things About Home Renovations 

Every Homeowner Needs to Know These 5 Things About Home Renovations 

photo of kitchen during rehab
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Every Homeowner Needs to Know These 5 Things About Home Renovations 

photo of kitchen during rehab

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Guest Author:  Andrea Needham

If daydreaming about making upgrades to your home has inspired a renovation project, there’s a lot to think about! Before you embark on a construction project at home, review these tips from The Cincy Blog 

Not All Renovations Are Equal 

You already know that many home renovations add value to your property. Not all projects are equal, though; some projects will take more time and financing than others.  

For example, updates like heated floors add comfort and value to your home, and construction time will likely be short. A full kitchen upgrade, however, may take months, depending on your material options and design choices. 

When considering your upcoming project, aim to clear your schedule as much as possible, especially for bigger renovations. Being available while a team is working on your home ensures you can make decisions quickly and keep an eye on the progress. 

A Trustworthy Contractor is a Must 

Hiring someone to renovate your home means entrusting them with your home, money, and safety. Finding someone reliable and trustworthy is crucial to achieving the results you want.  

Word of mouth can be a helpful way to track down a contractor, but online reviews will provide a bigger picture. Search local contractors and check their reviews under the Better Business Bureau, Google, and more.  

Verifying a contractor’s license is another important step before giving them access to your home or funds. Houselogic recommends asking your contractor specific questions about their experience and accomplishments, who will supervise the project, and whether the estimate will fluctuate. 


Think Ahead for Home Office Design 

A home office is a valuable and usable addition to your home’s floor plan; you may even double the return on your investment. Yet thinking ahead can maximize the space even more. Aim for your office space to serve double duty as a guest room, too. 

Though some renovations will be a no-brainer — like adding a window or creating a closet so that the room qualifies as a bedroom — the rest of your guest room prep will come with adding furniture.  

For example, a sleeper sofa, full-length mirror, and storage furniture or cabinets make an office/guest room cozy and functional for dual purposes. 

The Project Starts on Paper 

Though you might feel antsy to get started, your contractor has been planning to do before they begin working on your property. Expect a written contract and general estimate before the work begins. Depending on company policies, you may need to place a down payment or pay a percentage of the invoice before the work starts. 

Many companies find it helpful to use software for general contractors; these tools help with designing, estimating, project management, and more. Your contractor may even use a template from such software to create a quick estimate for your project. 

Timelines May Vary 

Most homeowners are optimistic when going into renovation projects, and they should be! But realizing that most timelines are conservative estimates can help curb your expectations.  

For contractors, steps like pulling local remodeling permits, ordering supplies, and adjusting plans due to missing materials can add days or even weeks to a project timeline.  

Unfortunately, supply chain shortages impact the construction industry, says Pepperdine, and may mean some materials are unavailable or back-ordered.  

Anticipate unexpected delays, and you might be pleasantly surprised when the project finishes sooner than you guessed. 

Whether you’re planning a home office addition or are hoping to knock down walls and overhaul your home completely, knowing what to expect can make all the difference. Hiring the right help and tempering your expectations will go a long way toward achieving the renovation of your dreams. 

About the Author:  Andrea created Elders Day to remind everyone that getting older isn’t synonymous with slowing down. Everyone has their own pace, but age shouldn’t be what stops you from fulfilling dreams, goals, and desires. Here’s where you can find my website: eldersday.org.