The Color for 2022?

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The color for 2022 is a toss-up!

The saying “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder” couldn’t be more true than in 2022.  A number of companies announced their winning color selection and depending on your mood the winner may be one of the following colors.

visual of Pantone's color for 2022


Let’s start with Pantone.  This year the Pantone Color Institute did something new -it created a brand-new color rather than select from the company’s already vast array of hues.  Introducing, the Pantone Color of the Year 2022: Very Peri, a vibrant shade of periwinkle blue with energizing violet-red undertones.

Next on the list is Sherwin Williams.  Evergreen Fog SW9130 is touted as a versatile and calming hue.


Not sure between Very-peri and Evergreen Fog?  No problem because a lot of decorating companies have also shared their number one color selections for 2022:

Valspar took an interesting leap this year and selected a “palette” of 12 colors as their 2022 selection.

Lots of choices and no clear-cut winner describe the 2022 color of the year.

collage sampling for the color of the year 2022

Think before you start painting.  Does this latest trend suit your home and lifestyle?

It’s easy to rely on the latest HGTV trend.  But their goal is to sell you on spending money- so think it through.   Small rooms with low ceilings painted in dark colors may not project the look and feel owners imagined.

Not sure about the right color?

Some professional painters are great resources for advice. Some Sherwin Williams stores offer free access to in-store “interior decorators” and/or the “Color Visualizer” tool.  Benjamin Moore also offers an online selection tool.  Both are helpful with color selections.

The bottom line.

You need to think about the long-term impact of going with the latest trends.  The color of the year changes every 12 months. And it’s obvious you have many views on what’s the “in” color every year.   If you are planning on staying in your condo or home for 3-5 years and you really like the color- go ahead and paint away.  Planning on selling soon then freshening up paint is a great idea- just keep it neutral.

Check with your Realtor® before you select a “unique trend-setting color” to spread on your walls and ceilings.

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