Front Door Colors to Boost Curb Appeal

Front Door Colors to Boost Curb Appeal

Photo of colorful front doors
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Front Door Colors to Boost Curb Appeal

Guest Author: Hana Rehman

Photo of colorful front doors

Photo by Landon Martin on Unsplash

 If you’re looking for a quick way to increase your curb appeal, consider revamping your front door with a fresh coat of paint. A new front door color can completely transform the look of your home’s exterior. The front door is one of the first things we notice about a house, so it’s no surprise that a clean and stylish look can significantly update your house and even increase home value. 

While whites and neutrals are consistently safe options, pops of saturated and unique colors have become more popular in recent years. Plus, colors can help your home stand out instead of fading into the background. So, here are several front door colors with visuals from Angi that can help you give your home a face-lift and, if you’re planning to sell, also make it more appealing to buyers. 

Bold and Moody Colors

In recent years, moody paint colors have become quite popular in both home interiors and exteriors. In fact, according to a paint color analysis by Zillow, homes with black or charcoal gray front doors sell for $6,271 more than expected. 

Other darkly saturated colors to create an eye-catching look include peacock blue or navy blue, as well as forest green or other dark, blackish greens. These colors all stand out best when contrasted against houses that are painted in light shades of white, tan, or gray.

infographic bold and mood doors

Warm and Earthy Colors

Another 2021 color scheme favorite is warm and earthy. Warm beiges, spicy reds, cinnamon oranges, and chocolate browns are all excellent choices to create a warm-toned exterior. They stand out well against light, neutral colors, such as sandy tan and off-white. 

Because red and green are complementary colors, keep in mind that a door with a reddish hue will contrast nicely with green accents. Emerald green is a popular jewel tone for this year, so consider complementing a red door with emerald green decor pieces or accents elsewhere on your exterior.

It’s also worth considering the emotions that each door color evokes. Red doors traditionally represent good fortune, while orange and yellow doors exude friendliness and youth.

infographic on door paint colors warm and earthy

Inviting and Natural

Last but not least is door colors that evoke nature. More people have been finding ways to incorporate greenery into their homes due to its calming effects. You can create a welcoming and soothing atmosphere around your home’s entrance with nature-inspired front door colors and wood stains. 

Blue-greens and grays with green undertones are inviting and relaxing. If you keep plants near the front porch or around your entrance, a green door will complement them and fit right in. Green also represents renewal and abundance, while light blue represents tranquility. 

A stained wood door can create a rustic style that looks great on both traditional and modern houses. A sandalwood, chestnut, mahogany, or walnut stain can help you create just the shade you’re looking for. 

infographic on door colors

First impressions are important, so make sure to make a great one with your front door. You don’t always need to repaint the entire house to give your home a makeover—consider one of these trending front door color trends to spruce it up with style. 

Author Bio: Hana Rehman is a Chicago-based content creator who strives to tell compelling stories. Her passion for digital marketing and creative storytelling has led her to cover unique home topics ranging from interior decorating to gardening.