Pool Mania

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Pool Mania!  How has COVID-19 boosted the value of homes with this luxury feature, even in four-season climates?

Guest Author: Evette Champion

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According to the insights for the 2021 housing market from top-selling real estate agents, it’s a strong seller’s market in the vast majority of the country. That means if you’re thinking about selling your house, now would be the perfect time to do that. Houses are going fast and sometimes for more than the asking price, thanks to heated bidding wars. 

For the homeowners who are holding off after they make some improvements, we’ve got your back. We’ve created a list of pool upgrades that’ll increase your home’s value. You might want to look into getting a home appraisal for free before and after completing the upgrades and see just how much value these must-haves for the pool could add!

1. Outdoor kitchen

No one wants to deal with people dripping pool water all over the floors as they run inside for a quick snack or a cool beverage. So, 62% of homeowners want some kind of outdoor kitchen, wet bar, or snack bar nearby. By having one (or all) of these, not only will there be less of a mess throughout the house but these features are perfect for those who love to entertain guests.

2. Safety fence

Safety is a major concern among families with small children, so it’s imperative (and required in most localities) to have a safety fence around your pool. 46% of homeowners with pools are increasing their pool security by installing a fence with:

  • Self-latching, self-closing gate 
  • Strong mesh
  • At least 4 feet tall
  • Have strong, triple-reinforced poles
  • Vinyl pool borders

3. Updated deck surround

There are a number of reasons 43% of homeowners with a pool would want to upgrade the deck surround. Sure, it can add value, but it can also improve the quality of life (you can grill on an updated deck, sit and chat with friends), eliminate any safety concerns,  or just draw even more attention to the main focal point in your yard – the pool! 


4. Hot tub or spa

There’s nothing quite as relaxing as turning on the hot tub with a cool drink in your hand after a particularly rough day. Heck, hot tubs are great no matter what! So it shouldn’t be surprising that 38% of homeowners with pools are adding hot tubs alongside their pools. It just amps up the luxury feel of the property and buyers will eat it up!

5. Upscale hardscaping

Landscaping is a huge selling point for buyers, but they are also drawn to well-done hardscaping. Stone walls, brick paver walkways, and wood beam trim for flower beds are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to upscale hardscaping. 36% of homeowners with pools are beefing up their hardscaping goals and are hiring professional hardscapers to build water features, creating luxurious outdoor seating areas, upgraded stairs, and so much more.

Selling your home during a hot seller’s market is incredibly easy, especially now when housing inventory is so low. When you pair low inventory with low mortgage rates, buyers are going to be chomping at the bit to submit appealing offers on the home of their dreams. As a buyer, if you invest in your home today, you can bet your home’s value will increase but still attract a bevy of buyers!

About the author: Evette Champion   For the past year, Evette has been writing informative articles for HomeLight.com and enjoys educating new home buyers about the world of real estate. She’s an avid fan of the home improvement shows on HGTV and the DIY network and is always looking for affordable ways to improve her home – especially when it comes to boosting curb appeal without breaking the bank! Her ultimate goal is to find a forever home in the Poconos where she, her husband, and miniature pinscher pup can enjoy nature and go hiking.