Do You Have a Hygge Home?

Do You Have a Hygge Home?


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How To Hygge Your Home

Guest Author:  Madison Smith


Hygge is a Danish word for a mood of comfort and coziness. It was created as a lifestyle concept by the Danish in the 18th century and is best described as enjoying life’s simple pleasures.

While hygge is used to encompass the Danish way of life that spreads warmth and comfort, it also embodies their interior design. The main idea of the hygge style is to create a warm and peaceful atmosphere. This involves incorporating soft, cozy materials and lounge-ready furniture into your apartment to create a space of retreat and relaxation.

When decorating your home with the hygge style in mind, it’s important to keep things simple in order to immerse yourself in the cozy atmosphere and lifestyle. Use these simple steps to hygge your home to provide a feeling of wellness and contentment and add value to your home.

Use a Neutral Color Scheme

The colors in your apartment should contribute to a peaceful and harmonious atmosphere, so you should avoid bright colors like red or yellow which can come off as too striking or overwhelming.

Stick to neutral colors like pale grays, browns and creams to create a cozy and relaxing space. These neutral pastels are easy to incorporate and will contribute to that tranquil and cozy look you are going for.

Incorporate Cozy Materials

When it comes to hygge decor, comfort and coziness is the key. Using materials and textures that are soft and fluffy makes your apartment feel very homey, so try adding fluffy pillows, layers of warm blankets. Even if the material isn’t necessarily soft, natural materials like wood can contribute to the snug feeling hygge provides.

Have Warm Lighting

Warm lighting is super important in the hygge design style as it offers a sense of warmth and comfort. You’ll want to decorate your apartment with a lot of candles, twinkly fairy lights, or any other amber-type lighting throughout so you can create that warm radiance that is encompassed by the hygge style.

A fire represents warmth and togetherness which is an essential element to the hygge lifestyle, so if your home has a fireplace, put it to good use and make a warm fire to huddle around with your loved ones.

Encourage Lounging

Invest in furniture that encourages lounging and comfort such as reclining chairs, a love seat or a plush ottoman. Don’t forget to add your cozy materials like throw blankets and pillows to add that extra layer of comfort. You can even make a snug reading nook or get a fluffy bean bag to place next to the fireplace. The bottom line is to add furniture pieces that make you feel the most at home.

Hygge is all about creating a safe and comfortable environment so you can fully relax in your space.

To help guide you create the perfect hygge style home, check out ApartmentGuide’s infographic below:


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