Imagine if you could have prepared your home for 2020!

Homeowners are still finding creative ways to adjust to the new normal.  And buyers are looking for some different things when they begin house hunting in 2021.

1. Combo office and/or classroom space


Photo by Startup Stock Photos from Pexels

Some workers aren’t heading back to the office until mid-year in 2021 or even later.  Shared office space isn’t ideal but homes are adapting.  Small tables parked outside the door of home offices are common in homes with younger children. Home office space often shared with virtual learning children isn’t ideal but many homes are being adapted.  The key point is sound control so parents in zoom meetings aren’t impacting kids studying in zoom classes.

Buyers are looking for “different options”.  Flexible space that can be easily adapted to a different use.  Think an unused dining room converted to office/classroom space.

2. Exercise Space


The home gym (exercise space) has zoomed to the top of many buyer’s wish lists.  It doesn’t necessarily need to be a large area.  As fitness centers reopen the demand for more gym space at home may disappear.  However, a lot of people have invested in high-end exercise equipment and they want someplace comfortable to park them.

If your house is on the market think about staging an exercise area -yoga mat and some weights.  Sometimes buyers can’t visualize using space in unconventional ways.


3. Outdoor Spaces


Photo by Marianne from Pexels

The spring and summer of 2020 made socially distanced happy hour popular.  Looking down the road lots of buyers are scrutinizing outdoor space.  The room to entertain and relax outside is important to potential buyers. 

Homes with pools in Cincinnati have never been in higher demand.  With wait times of a year to get a pool installed buyers are willing to pay a premium for a great pool in good working condition.

Along with the pool think outdoor kitchens, entertainment areas, and easily accessible shaded areas.

Changing Times

As the challenges of COVID decline buyers will remember how quickly lifestyles changed last year.  They will continue to look for homes with additional or flexible space- just in case.