Invasion by Zillions of Cicadas Coming Soon!

Invasion by Zillions of Cicadas Coming Soon!

Photo of Brood X Cicada

Voiced by Amazon Polly

First COVID19 and coming soon “Brood X”.  Cicadas that appear every 17 years, are scheduled to make their appearance taking over the Cincinnati area.

Photo of Brood X Cicada

Newcomers to the area prepare yourself for the noisy messy invasion.  Long time residents are happy for an excuse to wear masks for COVID because it keeps the swarms away from noses and mouths.

After 17 years of underground sucking moisture from tree roots, attracting grubs, and adding to the mole problem, cicadas will rise to the surface.  Warm weather triggers the “reawakening” so probably mid-May and driving us crazy for about 6 weeks.

Cicada Noise Alert

According to MentalFloss ” The deafening roar of a chorus of cicadas is often compared to the sound of heavy-duty power equipment. The noises are so similar that confused females have been known to swarm around people using lawnmowers, leaf blowers, and other loud tools.

Though experts expect 1,000,000 plus invaders in our area they are relatively harmless.  Carcasses will be everywhere and young trees probably will need some extra protection.  If you plan on going somewhere to escape the cicada apocalypse do some research.  In addition to Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana, Brood X will also emerge in Delaware; Georgia; Illinois; Maryland; Michigan; North Carolina; New Jersey; New York; Pennsylvania; Tennessee; Virginia; West Virginia; and Washington, D.C.

Cicada Fun

Swarming bugs are not usually fun but like anything else, in greater Cincinnati, we can have fun with cicadas.  Recipes, How to Make the Most of Cicada Season.

Cheer up – make good use of your face masks and shields- maybe pick up some earplugs.