2020 Home Sales in Lakota School District

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2020 Home Sales for the Lakota School District.

The Lakota School District crosses over township boundaries educating students in both West Chester and Liberty Township Ohio. The school district is an interesting mix of existing neighborhoods and new construction. 

West Chester                   Liberty Twp

The latest data from the Multiple Listing Service of Greater Cincinnati is for homes and condos listed and sold through the CincyMLS.   The information below compares 2019 versus 2020. 

Chart comparing home sales in Lakota School District vs Cincy MLS

The Average Sale Price for West Chester compared to Liberty Township Sales paints an interesting picture:

Chart comparing home sales in liberty twp vs west chester ohio

The highest price sale recorded in MLS.  (Dome new construction is not registered in the Multiple Listing Service)

What does this mean?

Home sales in the Lakota School District during lockdowns and distancing continued at a brisk pace.  Lots of new construction popping up in Liberty Township.  And vacant land in West Chester is at a premium- but pockets of new homes are available. 

Same old story:  Properties that have been up for sale for an extended period of time need to lower their prices.   Low-interest rates and the limited number of homes and condos for sale continue to fuel a sellers’ market.

The spring market is about 30 days away so if you’re thinking about selling -now is the time.