Farewell 2020

Farewell 2020

Christmas ornaments on tree
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Christmas ornaments on tree

Farewell, 2020!

2020 don’t forget to leave and please shut the door on your way out.  Pretty much sums up the holiday season this year.

Who could have predicted masks and hand sanitizers are the fashion statements for 2020?

Still with all the chaos and confusion so many neat things have happened.

Kids were actually outside riding bikes, playing, and walking in cold and warm weather.  Neighborhoods did all sorts of crazy things after the schools shut down in the spring.  Signs on windows changed weekly to keep kids busy.  Outlines of states, letters of the alphabet one game after another created by somebody and shared.  Neighbors shopped for each other.

Personally, we hopped a Delta flight in October (kudos to Delta for a very comfortable experience) and I’ve never flown such a clean airplane.  Hopefully, customers and airlines will continue to team up to keep planes cleaner in the future.

Stores have scrambled to put up clear barriers to protect their staff from customers.  They probably needed to do it years ago to protect from cases of flu and sick shoppers.  I know the clear shields were expensive and require more cleaning`-but in the long run it’s healthier for everybody. Businesses have figured out how to change their delivery systems to meet changing demands.  It’s kind of nice pulling your car up and having items dropped in the trunk.

2020 has also been a year of grief and misery.  Sickness. loss of jobs and virtual learning became the norm.

No quick fixes for people struggling to stay afloat.  End 2020 by finding a local food bank or community outreach program and donate.  These agencies are going to need extra help in 2021 too.

Before we slam the door on 2020.

Remember not everybody celebrates Christmas.  And not everybody who celebrates is actually experiencing the Christmas spirit.  For lots of people, the holidays can be stressful and depressing.  This year is weird.  The holidays provide an excuse to double-check on family, friends, and neighbors to offer a helping hand.

From my family best wishes for a very Merry Christmas and a Happier Healthier 2021 (and beyond).