How To Work Remotely in Cincinnati

How To Work Remotely in Cincinnati

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Guest Author:  Emily Miller

Remote Work Resources in Cincinnati

If you’re reading this, then you’re currently living in Cincinnati and have either started remote work or have been remote working for a while, and perhaps you’re looking for ways to improve your lifestyle a bit or otherwise find out how you can connect to new and interesting resources. You might be involved in real estate, working remotely already by default, and are looking for new ideas. No matter your particular case, we are here to help and tell you where to look.

And it is an interesting quandary in today’s times, given that access to public spaces is more limited or generally discouraged. It’s for these same reasons that remote work is more heavily encouraged. Fortunately, in Cincinnati, the specific locations are few and far between, and the best resources are in fact things you can access online or create for yourself. While not an exhaustive list, here’s everything you may want to consider:

Getting Out of the Home

Even in the middle of a pandemic, you cannot stay cooped up in your home forever, and one of the biggest challenges remote workers face in Cincinnati (or anywhere) is making sure they still get out on occasion and try to get fresh air, see people (however distant), and try to maintain some of the social connections they had before working remotely. While an office environment or their positions prior to remote work might have built-in social interaction, quite often can remote workers today go days or even weeks without talking to someone without deliberate action.

Finding a place nearby in Cincinnati where you can go just to get away from screens for a while will be vital. We recommend one of the nearly 50 parks in the city, one of the lovely coffee shops (one things open up more), or just the closest library branch for a change of pace. The mental health benefits will be clear, and your productivity will likely go up from the change of scenery, even if you do not notice at first.

Local Groups

Moving on only slightly from the last point, while there may not necessarily be locations dedicated to remote work in Cincinnati, especially in the midst of the pandemic, there are plenty of online groups, collectives, and similar organizations that. Some may be longer-lasting organizations that have had a presence in the city for decades, while others may be just forming in response to the pandemic. In either case, they may be there to help.

While there are general online groups for remote workers found online, we would like to note that they might be too general to be of specific help and suffer from many of the same problems as larger online groups and forums. We recommend instead to search for groups specific to your industry or. If you are feeling industrious about the matter, consider reaching out to colleagues and create your own pages and groups to foster community among remote workers in the area.

We won’t specifically mention any groups for the moment, as they are apt to change quickly, be open to only limited entry, or be specific to only a few readers, but look on both social media and ask around in your industry circles for opportunities to connect.

Finding a Good Internet Connection

The most important work resource you will have or get if you are working remotely is a solid internet connection.  This means having one that has download and upload speeds to handle your work (and other) tasks as well as something that has the consistency to prevent dropped video calls and interrupted tasks (which can prove disastrous at the wrong time).

While you might have a good connection already, you should also be able to use a specialized site to tell you what the best options for your specific neighborhood in Cincinnati are. There are multiple providers in the city and the metro area, so there should be little to worry about. Just make sure to find a plan that is good for your household.

If finding the perfect internet connection at home is not possible, you may wish to look into places such as coffee shops, public locations with a hotspot, networks that act as a hotspot with certain internet service providers (they require a special login to access), and similar places. While they certainly will not be enough in the long run, they can help you bridge the gap in the meanwhile.

A Solid Work Setup

If you are remotely working now, what does your setup look like? Is it a dedicated room, or a corner of your dining room table that you have hastily repurposed by putting a laptop and a water bottle on it, with plenty of distractions nearby and people moving through? While a quick setup can work fine for the odd day of remote work in an otherwise normal office life, you probably will not be able to get the most out of your time if you are not tucked away in a corner of your own choosing and crafting.

If the plan is to continue remote work after the pandemic passes and you do not have space at home for a proper setup, then you may wish to look into a remote office in Cincinnati or a few places you can go if the home environment just isn’t bringing out your best work. While the specifics might depend on your profession, you might be able to get a good deal out of a remote office setup, a shared workspace (especially useful if you are more of an extrovert), or another arrangement.

Remote Work Resources Are Vital

People interested in buying or selling homes in the Cincinnati area, or any area really, will now be taking all the above considerations as factors when considering a home or what a fair rate might be. Connections are building online between remote workers and access to a worthwhile internet service provider is as important as most other utilities. Just imagine how well you would be able to live your life without the internet. A mobile connection can only do so much.


When you are in Cincinnati, and remote working in the city, it’s vital to learn more about where you can go and what resources you can take advantage of. Even more importantly, you should set yourself up with what you need to succeed. Even if you are not planning on working remotely forever, the next six months alone can make a huge difference in your career, and a small investment now can make a huge difference in the long run.

Author Bio:  Emily is a work from home mom who was working from home way before it was cool. She enjoys sharing everything she has learned over the years with others who may just be starting out and not know where to go or what to do. She also enjoys learning new things from others and is always picking up new tips and tidbits.