Fall Maintenance Checklist

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Wearing shorts and thinking about winter just doesn’t make sense.

The warmer weather makes it too easy to ignore cooler weather is on the way.  Let’s face it warm weather is the best time to prepare your home for the colder months ahead.

So grab some work gloves and get to work.

  1. Clean Out the Gutters: Don’t wait until it’s too cold to climb a ladder to start cleaning out gutters.  Water rolling over the top of blocked gutters causes all sorts of problems in the colder months.  As long as you are on the ladder, take a few minutes to inspect if gutters and shingles are still nailed in properly.  Also, if you have easy access to windows check the caulking.
  2. Change Furnace Filter & Furnace Maintenace: Time to check the filter on the furnace and if you have one, the humidifier.  Most homeowners have gotten in the habit of hiring professional HVAC companies to service and maintain heating and air conditioning systems.  Personally, we have it checked twice a year but for owners scheduling one checkup a year- fall is a popular time.  Don’t wait for freezing weather to find out the furnace isn’t working properly.
  3. Seal the Cracks and Gaps: Inspect windows and doors for caulk in need of repair or replacement.  Also, check the weather stripping around entry doors.  It’s a good time to seal any major cracks appearing on the driveway, walkways, or patio to stop water from seeping in and freezing- causing more cracking.
  4. Trim and Prune:  Trees and bushes/shrubs need to be pruned to help ease the weight of snow and ice on the branches during winter.  Focus on trees limbs closest to your home and then work your way away from the house.  The goal is to clean up everything but if you run out of time put your effort in cleaning/clearing near the house to minimize any wind damage.
  5. Shutoff Outdoor Faucets:  One of the easiest things to do and most often forgotten.  Disconnect hoses from faucets and blow out sprinkler systems.  Remember an attached hose leaves water in the line which can freeze and burst when water is turned on in spring.  If you have interior shut-off valves for exterior faucets- turn the water off at the valve.  Remember to double-check faucets and hoses in late October or early November.  Warm weather usually requires some watering so we leave a hose attached and then forget to disconnect during the cold weather.
  6. Carbon Monoxide/Smoke Detectors: Check each alarm and get in the habit of replacing batteries once a year.

Some homeowners have detailed checklists for each season.  The 6 easy step list keeps it simple.