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Chic Home Office Decor


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Chic Home Office Design: How to Achieve Balance in Your Home Workspace


The list of benefits of working from home is quite long – from being able to stay in pajamas all day long to taking a break whenever you feel like it, it’s a type of job that involves a lot of perks. Yet, it also comes with its own set of challenges. As much as you might enjoy the fact that you don’t have to commute to work every morning, working from home can easily become dull and tedious. That is unless you’ve got an inspiring workspace to keep you motivated. When it comes to designing a home office, it’s all about striking balance between comfortable and chic. To help get you started, we’re sharing five tips on how to set up an attractive and productive workspace.

Make your office design work for you

Whether you’re setting up your home office in a spare room, an attic, or a closet, you want to create a blank canvas so you know exactly how much space you’re working with. Remove the unnecessary elements and determine the layout that seems the most convenient – U or L shaped designs are popular due to their practicality. Choose what works for you and make a few adjustments if needed to ensure your office design is optimized for maximum efficiency. Add ergonomic office furnishings and pay attention to their height to make sure your back is properly supported. Position your computer or laptop so that it’s on your eye-level, and make sure you introduce adequate storage for keeping all your files organized and in an arm’s reach. All this will help set up your home office for function and result in a space that suits your needs.

Set a tone that makes you feel productive

Other than being carefully thought-out, your office design needs to make you feel productive and organized. Minimize the clutter and remove any items that are overly distracting. Use a color palette you like and balance it out by adding muted tones that will bring a dose of formality in your office space. Organize your workstation so that it helps you feel productive – use desk organizers to keep everything in place and keep your reference books and planners at hand. Displaying desk accessories stationery will help you set a tone that gets you into work mode, and they’ll also come in handy when you need to jot down a quick reminder.

Find a way to connect it with your home’s design

Instead of feeling like a separate space, your home office should somewhat resemble the other rooms in the house. Whether it’s through the color palette or the design style that you decide to connect them, do your best to merge your home office with the rest of your living space yet still make it look like an area designated for work only. Having a common thread means your rooms will flow together and result in a cohesive, unified look. You can achieve this balance by opting for a marvelous carpet from HK that will show your personal style and upgrade the look of your office. In case you’re setting up your office space in your living area, the same rule applies – choose furnishings and decor that create harmony and merge together perfectly. Go with a layout that best suits your needs and use sofas or open shelves to visually divide the areas.

Add homely elements to balance it out

Just because it’s an area designated for work doesn’t mean it should resemble a stark, sterile cubicle. Personalize your home office by adding elements that will make it feel more homely. Paint your office walls in your favorite color, and decorate with inspiring and motivating artwork. Include a couple of photographs of your family to bring a dose of warmth in your workspace, and add a vase of your favorite flowers or a potted plant to make it more lively. Keep your feet warm by layering a fluffy rug and add a funky blanket on your chair for an added feeling of comfort. Bringing in some personal touches will help create a space where you feel comfortable working while still enjoying all the benefits of an organized, productive workspace.

Make sure it’s well-lit

One of the crucial components of a workspace, equipping your home office with efficient lighting is an effective way to prevent eye strain, ward off headaches and blurred vision, as well as increase productivity. It’d be best to position your office desk near the window to create an engaging working environment. Layer multiple sources of lighting to make sure your workspace is well-lit, especially if you’re setting up your home office in the basement. Use table lamps to illuminate your workspace with proper task lighting and introduce ambient and accent lighting to help set the mood.

A good home office design is motivating and inspiring, functional, and practical yet not lacking in style. Use the tips above to strike the balance in your home office design and set up a space that will help you maximize your productivity and make working from home more enjoyable.

Author:  Emma Joyce

Bio – Emma Joyce is an interior design blogger who likes to explore different styles and write about new trends. She is always on the hunt for different ways to update her home and inspire everyone who is looking for a way to update theirs. Emma hopes to own a house by the sea one day and turn it into her little resort.