A Guide to the Fastest Way to Sell a House

A Guide to the Fastest Way to Sell a House

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A Quick Guide to the Fastest Way to Sell a House

By:  Liz Shemaria

So you’ve decided to sell your house in the Cincinnati area and you want to do it fast? You might be wondering about the best strategy to ensure success. We’ve got you covered with a guide with tips for selling your home quickly from top agents that can help you to get started.  

Find the right agent

Hiring a professional who will help you navigate the home selling process is your first step on this journey. What’s important to remember is that not just any agent will do. You may need to interview a few people before you find the right match. Some qualities to look for are an agent who has experience in your neighborhood working with homes that are comparable to yours. Asking about their selling history is key.

In this digital era, it’s reasonable to ask if agents will include marketing services (such as an online listing, virtual walkthroughs, and professional photos) as part of their fees. If you have neighbors who have recently worked with an agent in your area, asking for a referral can help you save time, and is one of the top tips for selling your home quickly.

Get ready for the stage

To sell your home fast, you need it to look its best. Staging, revamping your home so it will be inviting, and will appeal to a wide range of potential buyers, is a strategy suggested by real estate agents across the board. You can follow some DIY tips, by first removing clutter, and creating space, perhaps by moving furniture from one room to another. Taking down heavy drapes can add light, as can bringing in greenery, fresh flowers, or even a bowl of fruit into living areas. Hiring a professional stager can take your home up a notch higher.

If you are worried about allowing people into your home during Covid-19, some professional stagers will even offer virtual consultations, where they will assess your home on video and advise you about what you can do to help it look its best. 

Pay attention to curb appeal

The inside is important, but the outside of your home is your first opportunity to wow potential buyers as they are likely to decide if they are interested in your home as soon as they walk toward the front door. That means paying attention to curb appeal. You don’t have to spend a fortune on landscaping to take your home’s curb appeal up a notch.

Maintaining what you already have — like mowing the grass, cutting back trees and hedges, and repairing broken walkways — can be one place to start. For extra color, you can add planter boxes to the entryway. 

Go digital and virtual

2020 is the year of virtual everything. As facemasks continue to be mandatory in Ohio in both indoor and outdoor public spaces due to Covid-19, along with social distancing, more and more people are using video calls for everything, especially to sell a home quickly. You’ll want an online listing, which you likely would have anyway during this digital era.

Your agent can also open your home up to a virtual open house, following the same format as a regular open house. This might include scheduling appointments individually with potential buyers, or creating a video tour that can be available to anyone who is interested in your home. Your agent can take the lead to help you coordinate these alternative showing options. 


By following this guide you’ll be on the path to selling your home fast in Cincinnati

Author Bio: Liz Shemaria, Globally-focused journalist, editor, and content strategist