Watching a Grown Man Cry

Watching a Grown Man Cry

photo of clippers and scissors
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photo of clippers and scissors

How to make a grown man cry?

Pull out a sideburn clipper and a pair scissors then announce it’s time for a trim.  It’s not really funny..but it really is entertaining.

Like most of the population, we’re making due.  A little scruffy around the edges and counting the days until we can breathe freely again.  I admit past flu epidemics, Y2K, “The Great Recession” impacted us-but not so suddenly and certainly not so deeply.

Watching the news has been restricted in our home.  Too many doomsdays hype about the financial meltdown for years to comes.  Keeping Current Matters reminds us this is a health crisis that is causing an economic crisis.

Thankfully the focus is on getting through the health crisis and figuring out how to return to normal or the new normal.  Our economy is suffering but the difference between today and 2008 is simple.  2008 was an economic crisis brought on by a widely over-inflated housing market.

Unlike 2008 more people are mortgage-free and have more equity in their homes.  In short, lender regulations are stricter and people aren’t borrowing against their homes to buy a boat or go on vacation-like leading up to 2008.

Keeping Current Matters

The second thing to remember is because the current economics are driven by the health crisis professionals project a much quicker recovery.  It took us a decade to recover from 2008. 

This time the forecast is around 2 years to get the economy and jobs back.

Keeping Current Matters

The housing market may slow down for a while.  But people still need homes and the shut-in may drive crowded households to look for more space.  A boom in babies and divorces are also predicted.  


Yes, it will take the rest of 2020 and some of 2021 to recover.  However, the local Cincinnati real estate market is still open with a significant number of listings and sales every week.  The numbers will only go up over time.

Now back to important matters.  How to make a grown man cry?  Well, no haircut yet-but all bets are off in early May. 

At some point, it’s easier to buzz his hair than braid it!