6 Tips On Getting The Most Money For Your House

6 Tips On Getting The Most Money For Your House

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6 common-sense tips on getting the most money when you sell your home.

By Mark Klein

You Have More Control Than You May Realize

Do you have an hour a day? That’s 365 hours a year. That’s two full months of forty-hour weeks, or forty multiplied by nine and an eighth. Imagine how much renovation a contracting crew could get done in that time. If you’ve got an even relatively small property, and commit yourself to a few hours a day refurbishing it like a hobby, you can get tens of thousands in value.


Improving The Property With Upgrade Or Enhancement

Here’s a great example: consider a solar array. In many states, there are still tax breaks for “eco-friendly” energy options. Additionally, you can cut the utility costs you have to pay every month in electricity, and you can expand property value from $10k to $29k, depending on the size of the solar array you install, and how much you spend installing it. DIY options exist.

Next, consider landscaping. If you spend a year getting it right, it could bring anywhere from $10k to $38k of value to your property, depending on size, scope, region, and quality. At the upper limit, a few hours a day could expand your property value from $20k to $67k. It will be work, but you could get these things done inside a year, then list the property and sell.


Properly Maintaining The Premises

Before you sell, there are things to get done. You have to get it inspected and appraised, for one. Before inspection or appraisal, it’s absolutely integral that you maximize the value of the property you’re pushing. Finish that basement. Make the attic an additional bedroom or observatory. Inspect and repair all the plumbing. Repair or redo the roof. Paint everything.

How are the windows looking? How about the seals of the home? Are there any leaks? Does flooring need to be replaced anywhere? Are there any funky smells? If so, where are they, what’s causing them, and how do you fix the issue? Are there some areas of the home that could bear an attempt at refurbishment or remodel?


To List Or Not To List

Answer all these questions and others that are relevant as you go about the selling process. Once you’ve totally optimized the property, then it’s time to get it inspected, appraised, and listed. If you want to go the listing route, You may not have realized it, but it is entirely possible to sell your house for cash to ISoldMyHouse.com.

A cash transaction is ideal for most homeowners, and proper listing sites can expedite the process. If you put a lot of work into it beforehand, what you pay in closing costs to such agencies (as well as in taxes) will be overcome by the added value you bring to the property. However, for maximum profit, you want to find a way of selling without the use of an agent.


Selling When The Time Is Right

Something else you want to consider as you go about selling your property is the time at which you sell. The off-season is usually through Christmastime. The “in” season can start as early as February or as late as June, depending on the weather in a given year, and the region. South California has a season that lasts from the beginning of the year into the fall.

In most midwestern communities, you’re going to get the most for your property if you sell either in late spring or early summer. A lot of homes are bought in early summer owing to convenience. The kids are out of school, there’s vacation time saved up at work—many things recommend summer sales.

Getting The Most For Your Property

Understand local selling seasons, determine whether or not you’d be best suited listing the property, fix up anything that needs repair, and determine if there are any cost-effective enhancements that you should put into place. These tactics will help you either save thousands, add thousands, or maximize the equity represented by your home.

Mark Klein
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