3 Tech Gadgets for Budget-Conscious Seniors

3 Tech Gadgets for Budget-Conscious Seniors

photo of hands holding kindle reader
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photo of hands holding kindle reader

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Guest Author:  Andrea Needham 

3 Easy-to-Use Tech Gadgets for Budget-Conscious Seniors

According to the Pew Research Center, a growing number of seniors are spending more time on their computers, tablets, and other electronic devices than they were 10 years ago. However, technology still intimidates many older adults — so much, in fact, that approximately 30 percent of seniors are not connected to the internet at all.

If you or a senior in your life are looking for simple, budget-friendly ways to experiment with technology, gadgets like e-readers, laptops, and home monitoring systems are affordable and easy to learn — even if you or your loved one is new to using technology. To explore these affordable tech gadgets in greater detail, read on!

Laptops and Tablets

Whether you or your loved one uses a smartphone to communicate with friends and family members, there are many great benefits to owning a laptop or tablet. Not only are these devices lighter and far more portable than desktop computers, but they’re easier to use than smartphones — especially for those with limited dexterity.

When choosing a laptop or tablet for the tech-curious senior in your life, think about how the device will be used, as tablets are best for reading, playing music, watching videos, surfing the internet, or playing games. Laptops, however, are ideal for performing these tasks in addition to typing, writing, and printing content.

After deciding whether a laptop or tablet is best for you, look for affordable, low-maintenance devices that require few manual updates. Chromebooks, for instance, are inexpensive and low-maintenance laptops, but you’ll need a Wi-Fi connection to perform most tasks. The Acer Aspire E15 E5-575-33BM or Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 are other great options for seniors.

As you shop around for a tablet or laptop, remember to look for retail coupons, online deals, and promo codes to save money on the purchase of your new device. Tablets and laptops can be pricey, but according to Rakuten’s Best Buy shopping guide, you can keep these costs down by shopping via the weekly ad or taking advantage of the deal of the day.


If you enjoy reading but don’t regularly get to your local library to borrow books for free, an electronic reader (e-reader) may be an excellent option for you. With a bit of training, an e-reader grants you access to thousands of electronic books and magazines (ebooks), and many of them are free if you borrow them from your local public library.

If you believe that an electronic reading device could be right for you, some of the best e-readers to look for include the Kindle Oasis or Voyage and the Kindle Paperwhite.

Depending on where you live, your local public library may offer free classes on learning how to use e-readers and tablets. If you’re interested, contact your local public library to learn more about the classes that may be available to you.


Home Monitoring Systems

Whether you’re buying a home monitoring system for the senior in your life or you’re purchasing a device for yourself, the experts at SeniorAdvisor.com recommend looking for a system that sends out an alert whenever the user falls or needs emergency assistance, as this helps to keep seniors safe and protected even if they live alone.

The best monitoring systems for senior users typically contain the following features:

  • An emergency button that allows users to easily call for help in the event of an injury, fall, or another type of medical emergency.
  • Fall detection capabilities that help seniors to get the emergency assistance they need in the event of a slip or fall.
  • Remote accessibility that allows loved ones to monitor senior users from afar
  • Sensors that track a user’s movements and daily activities

While some home monitoring systems can be costly, affordable options are available. A couple of cost-effective options include the Alarm.com Wellness system and the Nest Indoor Cam.

Additionally, medical alert systems are other inexpensive options for budget-conscious seniors.

Using technology can often feel intimidating, but there are many benefits to using laptops, e-readers, and home monitoring systems. From the social aspects to added safety at home, technology helps seniors to feel more connected to their loved ones — even from afar.

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