7 Habits of a Tidy Homeowner

7 Habits of a Tidy Homeowner

photo of messy drawer along side neat drawer

Marie Kondo tyding up method concept - before and after kids clothes drawer, copy space

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photo of messy drawer along side neat drawer

Marie Kondo tidying up method concept – before and after kids clothes drawer, copy space

7 Habits of a tidy homeowner posted by somebody who always needs to tidy up!

Yes, we all have a few friends whose homes are always spotless, organized and ready for primetime any time of day.  After much research, I’m convinced that all of us can have a tidy organized home if everybody follows some simple guidelines:

# 1 Make Your bed

“Make Your Bed” a best seller by Admiral William H McRaven makes a statement about starting off right.  Make your bed.  What better way to start the day than by tidying up your sleeping space?  It’s a good habit to start with kids.

# 2 Everything Has Its Place

We all have the bottomless junk drawer!

Organizing is another step to a tidy home. Make sure every item in your house has its own place.  Labeling locations for often-used items helps everybody to keep organized. If everything has a landing spot, the junk drawer can be used for something more useful.   Also when things aren’t left all over the place simple cleaning isn’t as much of a chore.

# 3 Declutter

Chances are if you have a junk drawer, junk closet, and stuff stored in the garage or basement it’s time to declutter.

Even if you aren’t planning on moving start forming the habit of asking yourself- do I really need this?   The latest rage following Marie Kondo’s advice to get rid of anything that doesn’t bring you joy.    And let’s be honest most people aren’t joyous about clutter.  Or “How to Organize Your Home”

# 4 Make A List (and use it)

Write down a list of everything in your home that needs to be cleaned.  The list can be 2 columns.  Left-hand side for routine daily weekly and monthly cleaning.  The right-hand column is for major items like painting, restoration-think big-ticket items.

Now that you have a list start crossing off completed items.  Most likely after a few months of checking the left-hand column items, the work routine won’t require daily updates.  The right-hand column’s big-ticket items need to stay in front of you until completion.  Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

# 5 Tidy Daily 

Don’t let a day go by without attacking household clutter.  Allowing”stuff” to accumulate is the easiest way to get back into a rut.

Until you’re trained a daily cleaning schedule can help you keep up with clutter.  Kids and adults should have their own lists to help you gain control over your living space.

# 6 Pick A System

However, you decide to control the clutter and tidy up living space -use it.  Baskets, bins, shelves, containers are all ways to store and hide clutter.  However, too many of any storage units and lack of use is a vicious circle back to a mess.  Looking for ideas?  Check out Pinterest.  Visit Ikea and the Container Store.  Ask friends what works for them and why?  You need a system that works for your household.

# 7 Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff 

Pick your battles!  A great concept when raising kids but also when trying to keep your house tidy.  Little kids can be motivated to put toys away.  Expecting them to alway return toys to a designated slot is doomed for failure.

Let’s be real there’s always somebody in the house who wouldn’t see a dead elephant in the middle of a room.  Making a plan and schedule suited to your lifestyle and the people you live with will have better results.

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