2019 Union Center Food Truck Rally Today

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A reminder the 2019 Union Centre Food Truck Rally is today!

Once again the Union Centre Business Merchants Association pulled together Cincinnati’s Best Food Trucks at The Square @ Union Centre for a Food Truck Rally!  The event is scheduled to run next Friday from 11:30 am to 10:30 pm.

Early Friday morning the trucks begin rolling in around the clock tower and down the adjoining streets.  By the time food is served at 11:30 am the food smells are drawing people from surrounding buildings on foot.

By dinner time finding a parking place is a challenge but the food and fun are worth the effort.

Last year’s Union Centre Food Truck Rally was a huge success with approximately 10,00 diners.

Check out the food trucks that will be at the rally so you can plan your day! Grab a map when you get there and you’ll be ready to go! 

Look for the following designations for special offerings: GF = Gluten Free, VGN = Vegan, VGT = Vegetarian


Truck Food Type
Adena’s Beefstroll (GF, VGN, VGT)
Beef Sandwiches Sandwiches
Blossim Donuts (VGT) Donuts Dessert
Bones Brothers Wings Wings, Nachos Variety
California Tri Tip (GF, VGT) Steak items Variety
Carbonaras Grill (GF, VGT) Gyros Gyros
Cheese and Chong (VGT) Grilled Cheese Grilled Cheese
Cheesecakery Cheesecake Dessert
Chicago Gyro and Dogs (VGT) Hot Dogs and Pitas Sandwiches and Hot Dogs
Chicken Mac (GF, VGT)
Chicken and Mac & Cheese Variety
East Coast Eatz (GF, VGT) Philly Cheesesteak Sandwiches
El Rancho Nuevo Mexican Mexican
Fresh Squeezed Lemonade (GF, VGN, VGT) Lemonade Beverages
Great Crab Cakes Crab Cakes Crab Cakes
Harvest Mobile Cuisine (GF, VGN, VGT)
Healthy Food Variety
Hope & Grace Boutique Non-Food Clothing
The Italian Truck (VGN, VGT) Pasta, Subs Italian
Just Jerks Ena’s Jamaica Grill (GF, VGT) Jamaican Jerk Food
Kona Ice (GF, V) Shaved Ice Dessert
La Orangette (GF, VGN, VGT) Juices and Lemonade Beverages
Let’s Glow Crazy Non-Food Glow Sticks
MamaBear’s Mac (VGT) Mac and Cheese Mac and Cheese
McNasty’s Great Food Express (GF, VGN, V)
Burgers and Subs Sandwiches
The Mobile Cone (GF) Ice Cream Dessert
Packhouse Food Truck (GF, VGN, V)
Meatballs Variety
Pit to Plate BBQ (GF) BBQ and Corn BBQ
Pretzelfuls Pretzel Sandwiches American
Red Sesame Korean BBQ Asian
Rhino’s Frozen Yogurt (GF) Fro Yo Dessert
Screaming Goat (GF, VGN, VGT)
Variety Variety
Slice Slice Baby (VGT) Pizza Pizza
Sweet Maize Kettle Corn (GF, VGN, VGT)
Kettle Corn Dessert
Sweets & Meats (GF, VGT) BBQ BBQ
Taco Oso (GF, VGN, VGT) Tacos Mexican
Texas Joe Tex Mex (GF, VGN, VGT)
Tacos Mexican
Tin Man Grill (VGT) Tacos Mexican
Turkey’s R’ Us (GF, VGN, VGT) Turkey Variety
Urban Vistro (GF) Gourmet Food Variety
Wicked Hickory (GF, VGN, V)