Countdown To Moving Day

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Let the countdown to moving day begin!

photo of dog with family packing to move

Although it’s been more than 5 years since we moved the memory and the mess are embedded in my mind.

Everybody is different.  Some of us like run out the clock and push extra hard at the end.  Others need time to sort and think before packing or trashing.

If time permits give yourself at least 30 days to complete the task.  Assuming your property has sold and you’re waiting to close boxes lined up on walls is ok.  Best advice “When in doubt throw it out or donate it”.  As you start packing sort the essential “stuff” from the pack and move items.  The quicker you decide how little you need to survive, the easier it is to box things.

Packing ahead with kids is always tricky s0 try to include them while making decisions about toys and clothing.

Other things to consider:

Don’t Pack Documents Needed for Closing

People have been known to pack personal items like id’s, receipts for repairs, bank statements the lender might be required at the last minute.  In the Greater Cincinnati area, you will need to present a picture id (most likely driver’s license) to close.

Notify Service Providers to Stop or Change Service

Water, gas, phone, satellite, cable, dish, trash pick-up, newspapers, lawn services, bug control….  There’s a long list of vendors many sellers don’t remember to contact about change of service and/or address.  Your Realtor® will prompt you about final readings on utilities but it’s up to you to handle everything.  The easiest way to figure out who’s on the list is to look at credit card autopay or for the more mature- you checkbook.


Change of Address Notification

Plan ahead and notify the United States Post Office about the change of address.  I think the easiest way to do it is online.  You can sign on from anywhere and for a $1.00 fee, you manage a change of address.  If you know where your post office is located address changes can be handled in person during a visit.

Keys and Contacts

While you’re busy sorting and packing you’ll probably find a variety of keys stashed in various places.  If you know the key is for your house, start an envelope or keyring to hand over to new owners.  Not sure if the key is to your neighbor’s house or some relative- now is the time to start sorting and labeling.

The same goes for contacts.  If you were in your home and had regular service people, it’s nice to hand over a list of names and numbers to the next occupants.

Hotel, Friends or Mom’s

A lot of moves are completed without the need to stay someplace else for a day or two.  So planning ahead to find temporary housing pays dividends if you’re under the gun to find someplace to stay.  Waiting until moving day, especially in summer can lead to frustration and driving longer than necessary. Sometimes moving trucks take longer to load, so it’s smart to make plans on how far you’ll make it and make reservations.  Good news, friends, and family are usually more accommodating than hotels on a date and time changes.

No matter how you tackle packing and moving you need to have a countdown strategy.  The best way to accomplish everything is to recognize what works best for you and your family.  It’s always best to overestimate the time it takes to pack and move.