5 Home Upgrades to Make Before Selling

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Home Upgrades to Make Before Selling

bright and light kitchen

No matter what your timeline is for selling your home-be it months down the line or in the weeks ahead-you’ll want to dedicate some time to make your home all that it can be for its next residents. Consider making these small updates to your home before finally posting that ‘for sale” sign on your front lawn.

Bring In Light

Both natural and artificial lighting can serve as huge selling points when selling your home. Not only can the impact of natural light streaming in from an abundance of picturesque windows change the entire feel of the home during showings, but it’ll also be something potential buyers will look forward to always feeling once they’re moved in. Figuring out ways to bring in natural light will pay off in the end.  Or tips on how to brighten dark rooms.

If you’re willing to spend the money, consider swapping out key windows for larger, picture windows. Focusing on rooms with the most traffic, such as the living area or entryway, will help bring a welcoming vibe into the space. If you’re looking to upgrade on a budget, consider swapping out darker window treatments for those in neutral tones and lighter fabrics. Adding a floor-length mirror into the space is another great trick for giving the illusion of bright light for when prospective buyers come to see the house.

Revamp The Bathroom

Bathrooms, along with kitchens, are focal areas of any home that buyers ideally want to be updated. Even if they plan on remodeling the room to fit their personal style, having a bathroom that is somewhat up to date will give off a cleaner, move-in-ready appearance.

One low-cost way to upgrade your bathroom in time to sell is by installing a new vanity with fresh hardware. Opting for a stylish vanity with sleek granite or marble countertops and plenty of storage space can serve as a focal point within the bathroom. Make the room even more modern by contracting a plumber in your area to help install a touchless faucet in an eye-catching finish like gold or bronze. This easy addition will provide the illusion of a ‘high-tech’ home without the heart remodeling price tag.

Other small projects to consider include caulking the bathtub to remove any signs of tearing or mold, as well as a fresh coat of paint or a new showerhead.

Consider Converting

Trends within the current housing market suggest that many buyers are looking for homes with the available space for their parents to move into. In-law apartments are becoming increasingly popular, and even if your home doesn’t have a finished apartment attached to the home, having the basic space to create one is a huge plus.

If you have a garage that is primarily used as storage or an enclosed back porch that doesn’t get much use, consider transforming these areas into finished rooms. These are easy ways to add livable square footage to your home. To further highlight the possibility of converting one of the rooms into an in-law apartment, consider building a full or half bath into one of the areas. Even if the area doesn’t ultimately become an entire efficiency, it will still provide the next owners with additional bathroom space.

Go Green

Being environmentally friendly may have been dismissed as a fad, but years later people are still looking for ways to live more sustainably. Homeownership is no exception to this desire. If there are any appliances in your home that could use an update, consider upgrading to models with the EnergyStar label in order to make your house energy-efficient.

This will be a big selling point for those who value a more sustainable lifestyle, whether it be for environmental reasons or for financial reasons. Low-energy appliances such as ranges, washers, and dryers, or dishwashers can have a tremendous impact on your use of natural resources as well as on your annual energy and water bill! Research the best appliances for the greatest environmental and financial impact to ensure you’re making the most out of your renovation.

Freshen Up The Color Scheme

Slapping on a new coat of paint may seem like a no-brainer, but it really is so important that it needed to be highlighted on this list! A new color palette can create a dramatic change in the home, one that potential buyers can and will feel when they enter for the first time.

Although you don’t need to stay clear of color when repainting, try to stick to a more neutral palette with muted hues should you decide to go off the beaten (stark white and dull beige) path. Opting for lighter colors not only will help to bring brightness into a room that, similar to natural light, will help the space feel more welcoming, but also will call for less work should the new owners decide to repaint once more.

Rooms with darker hues or designs can be daunting if the next residents don’t necessarily love your personal style. It may scream ‘stylish and cool’ to you but could say ‘10 coats of primer-run!’ to potential buyers. If you have to include color, consider an accent wall amongst neutral tones. It will give the pop you are looking for without requiring too much time commitment to cover it up.