4 Essential Cleaning Tips Every Pet Owner Should Know

4 Essential Cleaning Tips Every Pet Owner Should Know

3 cute dogs

Photo by Nancy Nobody from Pexels

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3 cute dogs

Photo by Nancy Nobody from Pexels

4 Essential cleaning tips every pet owner should know

Every pet owner knows that keeping your home clean and having pets can be a tricky combination. We’ve all visited those homes that have a nasty pet smell or pet hair everywhere. Pets are adorable, but they do add to the mess at your home.

At PetHairPatrol.com we are dedicated to helping you handle those pet-related messes. Dealing with pet hair, muddy paws and possibly urine is not an easy task. But with the right tips and equipment, you’ll be able to have a fresh and spotless home – even if you have a couple of furry and messy roomies.

Here are some essential cleaning tips every pet owner needs to know:

1. Have a routine

This one is the most important piece of advice. Since most furry pets shed constantly, there is always going to be pet hair for you to clean up. Shedding season is the worst, but most pet owners struggle with it all year around.

A cleaning routine is what will keep that pet hair problem under control. You should have a proper pet hair vacuum that is capable of dealing with tough dirt. Preferably, the vacuum should be easy to use and always at hand. When it is conveniently ready to be picked up for a quick cleanup, you can keep up with the mess your pet is causing.  Research some of the best vacuums for pet hair here.

Clean regularly. Preferably a little every day. If you let the pet hair and other dirt accumulate, you will quickly have one of those homes that smell like pets and are covered in pet hair.

2. Keep your pet groomed

Grooming your pet will also help you keep your home clean. You should brush your pet twice a week or even every day during the shedding season. Loose hair will be caught by the brush instead of being wafted into the air.

And brushing is not the only important task. It’s natural for animals to have their own odor, but you should bathe your pet if the natural scent turns into an unpleasant one. Also, remember to keep their coat trimmed, clean and healthy so that your pet is not the one causing your whole home to smell like a zoo.

3. Have the right equipment

If you want to keep a clean home and to keep your pets, you need to have the right equipment. Having a handheld vacuum will help you keep those high-traffic areas clean and the pet hair away from your furniture. Another great appliance to have would be the stick vacuum which you can use to clean up all surfaces of your home quickly. What you should remember is that not all vacuums are equipped for dealing with pet hair and you should always find one that does.

In addition, you’re probably going to want some lint rollers, a proper brush to suit your pet’s coat and a suitable detergent. Never use a cleanser with ammonia when you have pets, as it may encourage them to mark their territory.

4. Be prepared and train your pet

You can train your pet to keep the mess to the minimum. Here are a few great tips:

Training your cat or dog to rest in their own bed or use a pet blanket to cover their favorite spot on the couch. This way you can vacuum up all the pet hair or just throw the bed or blanket into the washer and dryer. A straightforward way of reducing pet hair in your living room!

Another good tip is to train your dog to sit on the doormat and wait for you to get a wet towel for wiping off his paws. If possible, you could even have a container of water right outside your door to wash his feet before you step inside. This is an easy way to avoid those muddy paw prints.

We hope these tips will help you keep your home clean while enjoying the company of your furry friends.

A clean house and living with pets can be a tricky combination, but you can find the harmony if you have a routine and the right gear up to the job. Just follow these tips to get that fresh and clean pet home.

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