What Homes Are Selling in Cincinnati?

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Cincinnati Bell Connector

Single-family home sales activity in Greater Cincinnati spreads across several price ranges.

Overall according to data pulled for single-family homes from the Multiple Listing Service of Greater Cincinnati March 1st through April 15th our area has:

  • 3464 Active Listings
  • 3537 in Pending Status (sold but not closed)
  • 2643 Sold/Closed

In short a lot of real estate activity.  Broken down by price ranges you will see the numbers decline as the listing prices rise.

Graph of cincinnati single family home activity

Sellers need to understand unique market conditions for their neighborhood and price range.  So imagine your home is for sale in Mason School District and your hovering between pricing it slightly above or below $400,000 price range?
Mason Ohio real estate numbers
Using the chart above the numbers a lot of activity in the lower price ranges.  A seller thinking about listing at $385,000 or $$410,000 needs to dig a little deeper on actual competition.  Both this chart and the one below for the Lakota School District require more detailed research because the districts cross township and city lines.  Mason or Deerfield Twp?  West Chester or Liberty Township?

Lakota Homes:

Hyde Park (below) is short on lower-priced listings.  Homes priced above $600,000 may sit on the market a little longer.  So this is another area to start at the best price to attract the next buyer.  A listing at $590,000 may be gone while the one at $607,000 sits waiting to be found.

Real estate is not an exact science but buyers have access to a variety of tools enabling them to find out prices.  And many of them have done their homework before they ever stepped foot inside for the first showing.

Both buyers and sellers need to spend some quality time with their Realtor® to understand what homes are selling for in specific areas of Cincinnati.