Brighten Up Your Home For A Quick Sale

If you want to sell your home quickly, the National Association of Realtors recommends staging.

Source: Lighting EFX

Make you Cincinnati home shine with bright lighting and fresh flowers so potential buyers will feel good about potentially calling it theirs. It’s all about the way people feel. Create a warm and welcoming feeling in your staged home with these tips.

A Picture Perfect Home

Most people’s first look into a home is on the Internet. Especially during this endless Cincinnati winter, people will spend hours looking at online listings to decide which homes to brave the cold to view. Regardless of the season, your photos must catch buyers’ attention and interest.

internet search for homes


Make the Outside Pop!

One or two flower pots or hanging baskets in the front yard by the porch bring the viewer’s attention to your front door. If you have large trees on the property, a bed of flowers beneath each tree is a way you can emphasize those shade-giving beauties.  If you have a backyard patio and it’s nice weather, set up chairs and a table with some flowers.

Front door accents

Brighten Up the House

Every buyer wants to walk in and feel warm and welcoming.  Flowers, plants, and lighting are the easiest ways to brighten up your house.  According to the experts focus on lighting by tackling these areas:

Entryway: Make visitors feel welcome as they walk into the house with a table and vase of flowers in the entryway. The bright colors and fresh scent will set the tone for the rest of the walk-through.

Kitchen: Light up the kitchen by letting the sun stream in through the windows or using LED lights attached to the bottom of the top cabinets to shine on work surfaces. Lots of light over the stove, sink, and countertops make this a more appealing place to practice culinary skills.

Dining Room: Set an inviting table.  After all, an inviting table setting should be the focal point for entertaining.   Don’t overdo the table settings most of today’s buyers entertain casually.  You want buyers Buyers to see themselves using the space.

Living Room: Assuming the home has a living room -light it up.   Use spotlights to highlight wall hangings, artwork, and brighten dark corners. A large overhead light is helpful during a  showing, but table lamps, hanging lamps and LED accent lights will create dimension in this room.

Bathrooms: Brighten up the bathrooms with bright lighting, especially over the mirror. Use spotlights to shine on beautiful, fresh towels.

bright bathroom lights

There is a lot of simple steps sellers can take to help speed a sale!