Living Coral or Cavern Clay?

Living Coral or Cavern Clay?

The winners of the “2019 Color of the Year” are Living Coral and Cavern Clay!

Pantone and Sherwin Williams have announced their choices for 2019 Color of the Year.  Living Coral is Pantone’s design color and Cavern Clay was chosen by Sherwin Williams.  The choices make a strong statement about design trends.  So is it out with builder tans and greys and in with vivid colors for homes this year? 

However, before you jump on the latest trend take a look at your own home and lifestyle.

Too many homeowners switch to the latest DIY or HGTV trend before thinking it through.  Small rooms with low ceilings painted in dark colors may not project the look and feel owners imagined.

Not sure about the right color?  Some professional painters are great resources for advice. Some Sherwin Williams stores have free access to in-store “interior decorators” and the “Color Visualizer” tool.  Both are helpful with color selections.

The bottom line is you need to think through the long-term impact of going with the latest trends.  The color or the year changes every 12 months.  If you are planning on staying in your condo or home for 3-5 years and you really like the color- go ahead and paint away.  Planning on selling soon then freshening up paint is a great idea- just keep it neutral. 

Check with your Realtor® before you select a “unique trend-setting color” to spread on your walls and ceilings.

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