There’s Still Time to Winterize

There’s Still Time to Winterize

Winterizing in Cincinnati

Winterizing in CincinnatiArticles about winterizing are usually published in the fall.

But with so many years of mild winter weather, we’ve gotten lazy.  I’ve seen the ugly results when pipes freeze and then burst.  Or pipes crack causing slow leakage over time.  It can happen to the best-insulated homes and cold weather is the worst enemy of empty homes

If your home is vacant and is on the market it’s not too late to get it winterized.

Best way to winterize is to contact a professional plumber.  Some people try to do it themselves but check with your insurance company to make sure you’re covered if damage occurs. Winterizing involves flushing out the pipes, water heater, furnace and anything with water.  And yes if you’re selling your property the plumbing system requires de-winterizing for inspections.