Where Are People Moving?

Where are people moving and why it’s important!

Kicking off 2019, North American Van Lines has released their 2018 Migration Report, which covers the state-to-state relocation of millions of Americans over each of the past seven years.  According to North American Van Lines included in this report, you’ll find not only an interactive migration map of the United States, but also a list of the top inbound and outbound states, key takeaways that show notable changes in recent years, and regional breakdowns that detail important developments in those particular states.

Good news for us people moving in and out of Ohio remains fairly even.

Chart Ohio Moving Patterns

For us, a key component of this year’s report is the numbers for the Midwest:

“Midwestern States
Illinois has consistently been in the top 3 positions of outbound moves since 2013, getting the #1 position 4 times. It may not be surprising due to the fact Illinois is one of the highest tax burden states. Michigan has been on the top 8 list of states with the most outbound interstate moves since 2011. Iowa consistently had more outbound than inbound moves until 2017, when it had more people move out of the state than in the state. However, in 2018, Iowa had more inbound moves. Minnesota and Ohio have stayed constant, having more outbound moves than inbound. Over the years, Wisconsin has gone back and forth in having more inbound or outbound moves.”

While there is a multitude of reasons a family or individual might choose to move to a different state, these migration patterns provide important insight into the overall behavior of Americans looking for the location that best suits their needs, whether they be financial, educational, or occupational.  Decisions made at the local and state level heavily impacts the desirability of moving to one state versus another.

The takeaway for home sales in Greater Cincinnati is the number of people relocating here is steady and not putting a burden on the local housing market.