Why Cincinnati?

Reasons Why You Should Live in Cincinnati.

Choosing a place to live in is a hard task. You need to take into consideration a lot of things such as your personal and professional life. Other than yourself, you also need to think of your family. Every family and persons have different needs and lifestyles. So, finding a place to live in is a very personal decision. One area that comes to mind when thinking of great places to live in is Cincinnati. Their neighborhoods are peaceful and quiet, like Nob Hill in Tagaytay. So, here is an article that will discuss the reason why you should live in Cincinnati.

Excellent job market

Cincinnati is a well-known location for big businesses. Nine Fortune 500 companies, such as Procter & Gamble and big box retailer Kroger, are located here. The job market in this place is excellent. The possibility of landing a career job is always around the corner. All these huge corporations are still hiring a lot of people. Other than getting a job, it is a secure job because these companies are already well established. To add to this, Cincinnati boasts a meager unemployment rate at 4.1% as of 2018. So, getting aj ob at Cincinnati is a great way to start your career.

Great education

Cincinnati has more than a handful of excellent universities and technical schools. Some examples are Xavier University and the University of Cincinnati. This place is excellent for people who want to have a great education wherein they can also get a good job. In relation to the first reason, fresh grads are very fond of this place because there are a lot of well-known corporations here. The low unemployment rate and excellent job opportunities are significant factors to take into consideration when you decide to live in Cincinnati.

Food lover’s dream

People who love to eat good food should go and live in Cincinnati. They are known for their excellent food scene. From casual to fine dining, they have it all. Some restaurants in Cincinnati were even voted in a lot of top food places in the USA. Cincinnati also has a different take on chili. It is a must-try for every person who comes here. There are also different farmer’s markets that offer a wide selection of fresh fruits and vegetables. So, you can eat clean and green!


 Cincinnati is an excellent place for sports fans. They have two major sports teams, MLB’s Cincinnati Reds and NFL’s Cincinnati Bengals. If you love baseball and football, these are the two teams you should root for. But don’t worry if you’re a soccer fan; you’ll be pleased to know that FC Cincinnati will also be joining the MLS this 2019, complete with a 21,000-seat stadium in the West End. College basketball is also a big deal in the city; the University of Kentucky and the Cincinnati Bearcats are excellent teams that are always fun to watch. Horse racing is high in Cincinnati as well. There are numerous places where you can bet on horses either live or through a telecast.


Cincinnati is only one of the few cities that have professional companies in all major arts such as ballet and theater. There are different centers and theaters that you can visit to watch a show. Cincinnati also has the second oldest opera company known as the Cincinnati Opera. Museums lovers could also have a great time in Cincinnati. There are numerous museums, such as the Cincinnati Art Museum and the Museum of Natural History & Science, that you can visit.


These are just some of the reasons why you should live in Cincinnati. There are even more reasons why you should. Always remember that, when deciding to live in an area, you should do your research first and know if your lifestyle is compatible with the place that you intend to live your life.

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