How Ironic

Getting your real estate readyHow ironic so many homeowners update their house just prior to selling!

People live in their homes for years and then spend a fortune before sticking the “for sale” sign in the yard.

It’s not unusual to get a call from a client ready to sell.  Then they want 2-6 months to get the property ready.  Getting the house ready sometimes includes new kitchens, bathrooms and more.

Spending $5,000 to $40,000 (and more) just before selling seems ridiculous.  Especially when there’s no guarantee that sellers will ever recover the recent investment.

The typical seller knows painting and new carpets reaps benefits.  Tons of checklists offer helpful hints.  However, most Realtors® and sites don’t suggest massive renovations just prior to selling.  Obviously, there are always exceptions to the rules.  But for the majority sellers, expensive major fix-ups don’t make money sense.


The irony of spending big money prior to selling is how much enjoyment the sellers missed.  New kitchens and bathrooms take planning and money.  A buyer may not like your choice of cabinets or countertops and not want to pay the price.   If you want your dream kitchen and can afford it don’t wait until you 4 months before moving to do the work.

Bottom line money spent just prior to selling your home may (or may not) be cost effective.  

Owning a home requires lots of investment of money and time.  Planning ahead for major renovations is the way to go.  Saving and planning for upgrades allows you to enjoy living with the improvements.  And don’t forget along with major renovations, routine maintenance items always need attention.  A new kitchen and a  broken furnace don’t motivate buyers to pay more.

The best way to get the best return on your home investments is to enjoy them.  So don’t wait until it’s time to sell before you invest in your home.