Show Off

Stand out in a crowdSometimes you just need to “show off”!

Differentiate yourself.  Stand out in the crowd.

Recently we found ourselves traveling with the same color suitcase as everybody else.  Strategically place pink duct tape took care of the problem.

On a conveyor belt 30 yards away our suitcase stood out.  

Lots of homes on the market today need to “show off”.  Find the best features and make sure the buyers know the details.

I’m not suggesting pink duct tape on the front door but sellers need to help their Realtor© boast about the highlights.  Today’s buyers take a quick look at the photos and move on.  Make sure the 2nd photo best captures the best spot in your home.  The one you love and will probably appeal to the next buyer.  Too many MLS photos (in my opinion) follow the flow of the house and lose buyers after the 2nd picture.  And great photos are a must.  Nobody is interested in poorly lit or cluttered interior photos.


Other ways to “show off” a property is pricing- picking a sweet spot to attract the next buyer.  Or detailed comments about area or property which captures buyers’ attention.  Things like walking paths and community amenities are useful. 

In short, find one great feature and make it stand out!

We are creatures of habit and making it easy for buyers to spot one or two great points may keep their attention long enough to get an appointment.

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