6 Cleaning Hacks When Selling

6 Cleaning Hacks When Selling

Home selling cleaning hacks

6 Cleaning Hacks to Keep Your Home Show Ready When Selling.

Home selling cleaning hacks

Maintaining a home is a major task involving many micro-managing chores. Sparkling floor, spotless kitchen counter, dust-free couch and a coffee table with no coffee stains may seem like a house in one of those home-invasion shows – and would you really have time to do all of that?

When you are making your home show ready for selling, you will have to make time to ensure that your house stays presentable and show ready all the time. Turns out, it’s not as time-consuming as you may think it is.

In fact, you can follow these 6 home cleaning hacks to make sure your home is ready to show when you are selling.

  1. Give the Illusion of Clean

This is a go-to technique when you are almost out of time and a potential buyer is coming to look at the house at a short notice. You will learn that this can happen a lot so it’s best to know what to do without the slight panic. Giving the illusion of clean is by arranging and cleaning mainly the things that people will notice – a little dust under the rug if you may, in the meantime.

  1. Don’t Wear Shoes in the House

This practice may take some getting used to especially if you are not used to being barefoot inside your home. However, this technique has huge effects on cleanliness. The shoes you wear outside pick up dirt that you leave behind around the house. You will notice that when you are sweeping, you may sweep a lot of dirt and some of them you wonder how it got in the house in the first place. Leaving your shoes outside the house will lessen the need to sweep the floor every day.

  1. Manage Trash

Waste management is not only extremely helpful for the environment, but is also ideal to ensure that your house stays trash and clutter free every day. Apart from segregating biodegradable and non-biodegradable trash, manage trash by setting a time every day to pick up clutter scattered around the house.

  1. Make the Bed every day

This is more of a habit and discipline that one should learn and eventually weave into your daily routine. Making the bed is advised to be done in the morning when you get up from your nightly sleep. You will find that a bedroom will look tidy and clean when the bed is made up, as this is the first furniture one looks at when going into the bedroom.

  1. Get Rid of One-Third of Your Stuff

Ask yourself: do you really need all the stuff you have at home? In a world of DIYs, it’s easy to become a hoarder of stuff that you might need someday. However, this would also mean that at least one-third of your home are things that you do not use, but is there to be used eventually someday. Avoid this practice and get rid of the stuff that you do not use or plan to use in the near future.

  1. Follow the Five-Minute Clean Routine

A five-minute clean routine is more like a game plan where you focus on the major cleaning chores and squeeze them in 5 minutes to clean out the house. A lot more can be done if you let the kids help out and assign a specific chore in the 5-minute game plan.

You will never know when a potential buyer may come in and check out the house, and oftentimes they come at a short notice. Be advised though: potential buyers are there to scrutinize every corner and judge every single part of your house, after all, they are thinking of making it their home. It’s good to be confident knowing your home is at its best appearance.

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