Using Social Media May Cost Buyers and Sellers

Using Social Media May Cost Buyers and Sellers

Cincinnati Social Media

Cincinnati Social Media

Shocked buyers and sellers are feeling the effects of social media and not in a positive way.

Today’s social need to share everything can backfire in the real estate market.  Estastic buyers gushing about finding the perfect home.  Not only do they post about finding the end of the rainbow they also post a picture or address.

An astute seller or Realtor® sees the post and the buyer has provided a great negotiation tool.  The seller now knows the buyers really, really wants the property.  Not the best negotiation place for the buyers.

And it’s not just first time home buyers looking for help or soliciting opinions from friends and family.  Buyers, who should know better, discuss intimate details about their house hunting and prices they’re willing to pay.

Nasty comments, funny observations, and unflattering comments pop up.  And the biggest no-no of all- interior pictures taken by the buyer during the showing.  Just because your phone is a camera doesn’t give buyers permission to take pictures and then post them on social media.  It’s a giant invasion of privacy and most buyers aren’t flattered when they see buyer’s photos and comments posted online.  Your Realtor® knows better and should stop buyers from taking pictures.  

Buyers aren’t the only ones poring our their hearts to the world.  Plenty of sellers write about stupid offers, bad inspections and other problems that pop up during the home selling cycle.  Or sellers will boast about 2nd showings and how much they’re willing to give up in order to get a contract signed.  Not a great way to start a negotiation.


Posting comments on social media sites is a lot like singing in the middle of the grocery store.

Nobody in your isle but you have no clue who can hear you.  Posting detailed information about your house hunting/selling journey (depending on privacy settings) may be seen by friends of friends…who happen to be the actual buyers and/or sellers. (or their agents)

Some things are better kept private.  Buying or selling a house today- be very careful about sharing details on social media before you close on the deal and get the keys.