I love roundabouts!

roundabouts in CincinnatiDrivers either love them or hate them.  And since County Engineers in greater Cincinnati are racing each other to build roundabouts- isn’t it time somebody taught drivers how to navigate them?

The concept is pretty simple the car navigating the roundabout has priority.

No need to stop when you approach an empty roundabout.  No need to speed up and try to cut off a vehicle entering a roundabout the same time as you.  And if you miss your turn- just keep driving in the circle until you find your route.(or get motion sick)

According to ODOT roundabouts make roads safer and traffic smoother for multiple reasons, but two stand out as the primary purpose: slower speeds and less likelihood of a serious collision.  Anybody stuck at a busy 4 way stop during rush hour will tell you roundabouts keeps traffic moving- if drivers know how to navigate.

The multitude of roundabouts popping up in Butler County seems to have adopted a “build it higher” approach which often blocks a decent view of cars currently in the roundabout. Warren County (at least the ones I’ve driven) are lower and have better visibility. The roundabout installed at the Banks (downtown Cincinnati) doesn’t obstruct driver’s view of traffic making it easier to see ahead and navigate.

Rundabout Day

As more and more “circles” pop up in the 4 county area maybe it’s time to have a “learn how to navigate” roundabout class for local drivers.  How about advertising a few locations and times with guidance guards available to help drivers learn the right way to approach, enter and depart roundabouts.

Where’s your favorite roundabout located?